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Quickness of the Eye Deceives the Mind - Planet Green Trees TV - Episode 541


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Episode Date – 12-02-21
Planet Green Trees TV - Episode - 541
Episode Title – Quickness of the Eye Deceives the Mind
Topics -
Michael’s Random Rant of the Week!!
Assistant Prosecutor Arrested for Allegedly Drunk Driving and Possession of Weapons Under the Influence
Marijuana testing company sues state over massive, 'unjustified' recall
Delucenay to face felony charges for growing too much marijuana
Show Information
Michigan's #1 show about cannabis legal issues, licensing, regulations, compliance, medical marijuana topics, current events and other legal matters.
Planet Green Trees TV is hosted by Attorney Michael Komorn, co-hosted Jim Powers, Amanda Joslin and Steve Miller.
The opinions and comments expressed on the show by hosts, guest, commentators, posts, articles, etc... may or may not represent the actual opinions or thoughts of the Komorn Law Firm and/or it's associates. The thoughts and conversation that occur during this broadcast are an attempt to bring humor and parody to an otherwise non comical scenario. Although some conversations and guests may state facts, academic impedimenta and scientific theorems one should consult an attorney or expert in the relevant field of query.

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