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Can hemp oil improve skin health and reduce anxiety?

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Not exactly. When celebrities or healthcare professionals talk about hemp oil, they may be talking about one of two products: CBD oil or hemp seed oil. 

Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient found in the leaves, stalks, and flowers of hemp. Since hemp is a form of cannabis, CBD oil has recently been introduced to the healthcare market as a legal product. But you might have seen hemp seed oil on the shelves of grocery stores and beauty stores for many years – since it’s extracted from seeds, it’s always been legal. 

CBD oil and hemp seed oil technically both come from the hemp plant, but are used for different reasons. 

Read the label and know what you are buying before ingesting hemp oil or applying it to the skin. Neither product produces serious side effects, but you might not get the benefits you are looking for if you use the “wrong” product. 

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