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medical malpractice, permanent nerve damage, from elective hair transplant surgery

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The tax break is nice, prices seem ok for medical cannabis in general. However, I can't help but feel completely backstabbed and betrayed by this horrible robotic artas robot surgery that screwed up my scalp in both the donor and recipient areas. I hate how the transplanted grafts look and there is obvious permanent nerve damage in the donor area. The recipient area where the grafts were placed also doesn't feel quite right. Due to feeling completely betrayed and screwed over by this clinic, I have this sense of entitlement to even free or much cheaper weed, maybe like a special discount for medical malpractice (wasn't FDA approved for my case, doctor is incompetent for sure). I don't care about the horrible poor results anymore, I feel stupid for caring in the first place. I am not trying to blackmail these guys but obviously their clinic should be shut down immediately. I am based in Illinois and sometimes come to Michigan for medical cannabis. I want my story to be heard so that other guys seriously considering this type of surgery (WAS FUE NOT EVEN FUT, YOU GET PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE FROM FUE TOO) should stay away from it, and it makes me feel good spreading the word. I also got seziures during the surgery even while being heavily medicated. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy and they had no problem rushing me into it. No greater regret in my life.

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