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Compassion Clubs Near Ferndale

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Humidity Control

Hello all... I would like some feedback if you would please on different proven methods to handle the rising humidity in my bloom room? I have around a 9x12 room only running 2 of my 3000 watts due to temp, I DO have a 9000 btu port a.c. & a 30 pint dehumidifier... I would like to stay in the 40's just my preference all feedback, tips, questions would be greatly appreciated for I am only on my 2nd grow and need all the knowledge I can acquire!   P.S. Oh also I am cooling my lights with (



Compassion Clubs Near Ferndale & Southfield?

Hello all I am new to MI., and am wondering which clubs if any are near my area, I wouldn't mind driving 30-45 minutes to visit and network with other clubs... Any feedback greatly appreciated?





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