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    • By GrowGoddess in GrowGoddess' Blog 140
      This entry is a copy from my Journal at Roll it Up, How I Make RSO. Currently, the site is unavailable. I had made a copy just in case, and I am very glad that I did.
      I would like to share my experience in the hopes that it is helpful to anyone in the community.
      How I make RSO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil) for medicinal use and more
      I use my best buds period. I manicure them very well. If you desire to use sugar shake to include with the buds, that is okay too, but I don't recommend using a lot of it. If you do desire to use some sugar shake, put it in its own jar.
      First I get the buds to be as dry as possible, basically petrified.
      I put two ounces of bud in a one quart, wide mouth canning jar; I do not recommend more than two ounces per jar. You may have to smoosh it in a little depending on the strain since some strains are puffier than others.
      I put each two ounce jar of buds in the freezer for at least 24 hours, preferably 48.
      I also put the 99% isopropyl alcohol (solvent) in the freezer to keep the temperatures consistent.
      When I am ready to start the process, I pull one jar of buds and one 16 oz container of solvent out of the freezer at the same time so it will all stay as cold as possible. Each jar will require up to (2) 16 oz bottles of solvent for the initial wash or extraction.
      I pour the first 16 oz bottle of solvent into the jar with buds, seal the jar and shake it around for a couple of seconds, then if necessary, I will add about 8 more ounces of the solvent. Close the lid and shake it up for about 1 to 3 minutes depending on how quickly the buds crumble. Do the second and third washes (rinse) of the same bud material, I do this for less than one minute, pretty much as fast as possible. Pour in the solvent, quickly shake it, and then pour out into the metal strainer.
      Then I want to get the solvent poured out of the jar as soon as possible. I use a metal strainer so it will pour through quickly, but catch any large particles. I pour the solvent into a glass or stainless steel bowl. I will repeat the process with this same jar of material with about 8 to 16 ounces of solvent, depending on the strain. I only shake that around for a few seconds, and then quickly pour off solvent using the metal strainer.
      Before starting on a new jar of buds from the freezer I will filter the THC solvent through a fine metal coffee filter into a fresh bowl.
      Then I repeat the initial process with the remaining jars of bud in the freezer, one at a time.
      I prefer to use the glass canning jars because they stay cold for a long time.
      When I have all of the THC solvent roughed in, I will then filter it a couple more times using a metal mesh coffee filter, and then a paper coffee filter. I am considering investing into some of those bubble bags. I have tried this without using the paper coffee filters and only using the fine mesh metal coffee filter and I have not noticed a difference as long as I filter it multiple times. I like to let the THC solvent sit in the bowl for a while so all the crud can sink to the bottom. Then I will carefully pour the solvent through the metal mesh coffee filter careful not to allow the sediment to pour out. I have quite a bit of practice at this, but you may prefer to just use the paper coffee filter.
      I don't really have a basic filtering preference yet, still working on that. The oil is coming out pretty much the same for me whether I use the paper coffee filters or not.
      After all of the solvent has been filtered, I move to the rice cooker and follow Rick's directions from there.
      Another tip, when it gets to the coffee cup warmer stage, I like to use a heavy duty metal one cup measuring cup and use a metal spoon to stir the oil around often to keep the heat even throughout. I have learned with this method, if you don't stir it around often the bottom portion becomes thicker than what is on top. Towards the end, to get the final little bit of solvent evaporated out, I like to put some pennies or another type of coin between the cup and the warmer to help eliminate burning of the oil, I will let it sit at that point without stirring. Patience pays off on this.
      At this point it is pretty much done.
      I have definitely noticed that the higher the quality of the buds the better the oil comes out.
      Update-More Experience with my material: After making more batches of oil, I am not using the paper coffee filters anymore. Just my preference, I prefer to get it filtered as fast as possible. I just use the metal reusable coffee filters. I will filter the solvent several times and in between filtering I will allow the dish with the solvent to sit for about 5 or 10 minutes to allow the sediment to settle to the bottom and eliminate it clogging the filter.
      I try to let gravity do most of the filtering.
      It is very important to make no exceptions in many of the processes. Like the solvent. Many people do not have the patience and will not wait to obtain the right equipment or solvent. Impatience leads to waste and an end product that is less than par. The solvent I recommend is either 99% isopropyl alcohol or a safer solvent would be 190 Everclear. At this point in Michigan, you are much better off ordering one of the two online. You can also use any 190 proof grain alcohol, no less than 190 proof or 99% isopropyl alcohol. These are the two solvents I would choose from, they are a bit weaker than others, but in my opinion, much safer than the alternative.
      Use a coffee mug warmer, no exceptions. One person used a coffee pot warmer plate and his entire batch of oil was destroyed. It looked great but it had zero potency and his starting bud material was very potent.
      Patience in purging: I have found out time and time again the better the job I do making the oil, the more patient I am. After the oil is completely finished and put into the syringes, it takes anywhere from two to eight weeks before the oil fully decarbs and reaches its fullest potency.
      I have found during the purging process, after half is purged, put one to two layers of nickels between the coffee mug warmer and the metal cup or pan the oil is in. A lot of gentle stirring is required. Using my frozen extraction methods, I have found that it is a bit more difficult to fully purge. It seems that the cleaner the oil, the more time it takes to purge the solvent. What I like to do is when most is purged out, take it off the warmer, and let it sit overnight. You can put the cup into a baggie after the cup cools down to keep dust out, leave the baggie open so it can ventilate. The key is patience and having all of the space and materials you need before you start. This is not a project you want to start in the evening that is for certain! Put it back onto the warmer after the cooling and ventilation. It may take a bit for it to fully heat back up and bubbling, but when it does, be sure to stir it around often. You may even want to repeat this once or twice more, the cooling and reheating of the oil on the coffee cup warmer. As more solvent is purged out, the bubbles will get smaller. This method of purging, I believe it helps with preserving the medicinal values of the product, especially the CBDs or at least many of them. The gentler you are, the longer it may take for the oil to fully decarb. I have found it to be worth the time. From now on, after getting the oil into the syringes, I am waiting 8 weeks for the oil to fully decarb. There is nothing wrong with sampling the oil on the spot and start using it if you have to. I just feel it is a bit wasteful THC wise because it has not reached its fullest potency.
      Here is a link to my entire experience with the Simpson oil http://boards.cannabis.com/concentra...mpson-oil.html
      Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, does it all for me now. There is no need for smoking bud if you have RSO, especially quality RSO made with good buds. Here is a link to my RSO Vaping experience blog at MMMA. I have other blogs here you may also find useful. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/...#commentsStart

      Most importantly, be safe when making the oil. Make sure you do the rice cooker part outside, well ventilated, with a fan blowing the fumes away. I like to use one of those metal splatter screens for cooking so bugs and dust do not get into the cooker. I only recommend a rice cooker.
      I made two separate batches using the same bud material. The first quick wash is the lighter colored oil on the left, which is higher quality oil. Then I washed the material again with a longer soak time, which produced darker oil on the right.
      I put a flashlight behind the syringes to show the color difference and how transparent the oil is.
      After doing this multiple times, I prefer to do two quick washes for my highest quality oil, then a completely separate for a lower quality oil.

      When treating cancer, I would recommend doing all three washes for the same oil. I only did this for experimental purposes. Three quick washes out of the same material is just fine for treating an illness, that is what I would recommend. For making e-cannabis oil, I recommend only using the first two washes because the taste is just so good.
      Here are links to the items I frequently hear that people cannot find. It is very important to use the right supplies.
      Rice Cooker: http://www.amazon.com/Aroma-Arc-743-...1019800&sr=1-2
      Coffee Mug Warmer: http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Coffee-MWBL...fee+cup+warmer
      Splatter Screen: http://www.amazon.com/Norpro-2060-13...1026663&sr=1-1
      Syringes: 1CC=1mL=1 gram that is the way I see it.
      10mL: http://www.vetdepot.com/oral-medicat...-monoject.html
      1mL: http://www.amazon.com/Becton-Dickins.../dp/B0013Y6JK2
      99% Isopropyl Alcohol: http://first-aid-product.com/isopropyl-alcohol-99-16-oz-1-each.html
      190 proof alcohol: Safe to drink, as long as you don’t drink too much! This is grain alcohol and even grape alcohol, a good safe alternative to using the 99% isopropyl alcohol. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to. http://organicalcohol.com/store/
      190 proof Everclear: http://www.winechateau.com/sku1004372_EVERCLEAR-GRAIN-ALCOHOL-190@-1.00L
      192 proof Polish Vodka: http://www.winechateau.com/sku1173618_POLMOS-SPIRYTUS-REK-LIQUEUR-750ML-750ML
      UPDATE: for a more safe solvent I prefer using 200 proof ethanol (KleenXtract) I really like this product and prefer it over grain alcohol. http://www.kleenxtract.com/our-products/The only downside using the more safe alcohol, some strains can become putty. If that happens, dilute it and filter through paper coffee filters and in future batches avoid that strain when using grain alcohol.
      About three years ago, maybe a little more I saw that Rick Simpson video Run From the Cure. I had been growing high quality for over a decade before seeing the video. I didn't really believe the video that the oil was as potent as was claimed. That is what peaked my interest at that time.
      I didn't believe or put much thought into it killing cancer. I just took that as BS. So I made the oil, I had the extra buds, no big deal. Then I took a dose just like the video recommended and I could not believe how potent it was. I had never saw or had anything like it coming from cannabis.
      At the time I was running a Compassion Club. I knew of a cancer patient that would come to the meetings. After seeing how potent the oil was, I thought that maybe the claims in the video were true and the oil can kill cancer. The patient had been battling his cancer for about 10 years at that time. The doctors wanted him to go through yet another round of chemo and possibly radiation too. He wanted an alternative to those options.
      I asked him if he wanted to give the oil a try. He said absolutely yes. Everything the medical system had tried to that point had failed. So we used the treatment regimen as described in the video. I used my best buds from my crop. Six months of treatment, he went back to the doctor for a checkup. They could not find any cancer. The giant tumor on his chest was completely gone. They ran blood work and a scan. He was confirmed cancer free.
      It has been a good two years almost three since. He takes small maintenance doses. He is cancer free and has been enjoying life now with his family not having to spend the holidays in the hospital getting another two to three months of treatments.
      2015 UPDATE: It is going on 5 years now with my first cancer patient. He is doing great! He takes small maintenance doses daily to keep the cancer from returning. My second cancer patient is also doing great! He is also taking maintenance doses. It is over 2 years now and still cancer free. He defied the doctors who said he would not make it past the first Christmas since the diagnosis. They are both living life to the fullest without the doctor's recommendations of modern treatments.
      I couldn't believe it. I really did not expect it to work. Many others could not believe it either. Whether it was the oil or a strong faith in God, it is the truth, the man had confirmed tumors in a scan, took the oil for 6 months at one gram per day, and a new scan showed no signs of cancer.
      Then, I treated another patient, for free. I wanted to double check and see if it would work twice in a row. This man was told he would surly die by the next Christmas if he did not receive the recommended chemo and radiation. They repeatedly told him that just an operation would not work. They guaranteed him that his suffering would be far worse with just an operation. I treated this person with the oil. He took a large amount of the oil, but still opted for the surgery to remove the tumor and tonsils, which was the source of the cancer. He is cancer free. Currently only two months away from the “next Christmas” It has been almost ten months now. The surgeon told the patient to not bother coming back for a scan for at least 1 year, confident that the cancer is gone. He is doing great, making his own oil, and taking his maintenance doses. Two grain of rice size doses per day. The doctors were completely wrong. I am 100% confident he will make it to Christmas and beyond, healthier than he has been in years. The oil must work; it appears that way with my experience. Because of RSO, this man has fully dodged chemo and radiation. If it were not for the RSO, I believe the doctors would have been right, the cancer would have spread, and he may not have lived to Christmas 2013. He is even back to work, confident, and happy. To treat this unknown patient for free, I put up an offer at MMMA website forum. Here is a link to that offer (the offer is no longer available). http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/...atment-option/
      This is the video I watched before making RSO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil) Run From the Cure.
      Don’t get me wrong, I give God the glory for providing us with such a miracle plant.
      A video of my first patient, he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It has been two years and is still cancer free. He was caught off guard when this video was taken. He has told me many times that he wishes he would have given the credit to God for being cancer free. More than a year later, after treatment, my patient stopped taking his maintenance doses so he could keep his job. I am guessing it was a couple of months. He contacted me and said he thought his cancer was coming back, he also confessed that he stopped taking the oil. I told him to immediately start taking the oil again. He started taking the oil again, soon after made an appointment to get checked out. The lymph nodes that had begun to swell up before the appointment were completely back to normal. They could not find any signs of cancer. The patient has a new respect for taking his maintenance doses. It is now one of the most important things in his life. It has been about a year since. No signs of any cancer returning. He has continued to take his maintenance doses daily.
      One more thing, this is a warning really. I strongly recommend making your own oil. Whether you grow your own buds or buy them, preferably grown organic. The odds of getting quality oil are very low. There are so many scams out there. It is so easy to scam people when it comes to making oil. You can make oil from all of the garbage from the plants, stems, leaves, etc. It is not the oil you need to treat serious illness. Much of the oil that is available on the streets or at dispensaries may not have been purged correctly. What solvent was used? That is very important; they could have used pure poison and not known it. Best to make it yourself, at least then you know what was used to make it. If you can make a cake or bake cookies, then you can make the oil.
      I plan to put up some additional important information to my vaporizing blog (link above) soon, like results from winterizing top grade oil, for vaporizing only. Also, QWISO hash and how it works with the vaporizers that I show on the blog. QWISO is basically non-decarbed RSO, very similar to BHO, or even bubble hash.
      Can't wait to get the results in and posted to the blog.
      QWISO hash works great for e-cannabis and vaporizing it straight. I will add more in the future. I posted this blog up because my journal at Roll it Up is currently unavailable.
      I hope this information is helpful.
      Peace, and God bless.
      Here is a link to my vaporizing blog http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/blog/532/entry-1026-my-experience-with-portable-vaporizers-pen-vaporizers-for-concentrated-cannabis-oil-and-e-cigarette-oil/#commentsStart
      I didn't get the entire RIU journal copied. When I get to it I will add more information here on making QWISO hash with pictures.
      Find me on FaceBook. I have been able to connect with Rick Simpson as well as many cancer patients, advocates, and oil makers. https://www.facebook.com/growgoddess.michigan


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