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Michael Komorn



The Planet Green Trees Radio team was delighted to have Michigan Senator and Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer on the show this past Thursday. We discussed the recent passage of Senate Bill 660, which would authorize Pharmacies to dispense prescription cannabis if the Federal Government removes the drug from its current Schedule I status.


To read the full post, please visit the Komorn Law Blog at http://komornlaw.com/komornlawblog/gretchen-whitmer-stands-with-michigans-medical-marijuana-community/

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I would be interested to know how this bill would impact home grows......anything that diminishes a home grow is just a money grab IMHO.  I certainly don't trust the current crop of politician s not to screw me while lining their (and their buddies) pockets....This is an emerging market and a LOT of people are looking to get paid off.

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