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Hawaii Wants To Grow Marijuana To Pay Off Debt

Michael Komorn


Before we get into it, I must remark on a recent documentary I watched, “The House I Live In.” The film explores how our country’s drug laws have come to be, and the negative social impact that the current drug policy has had on everything from the individual, family, police work, prison system, and economy. When people become jobless, hopeless, and desperate, they have historically turned to the black market economy of illegal activity. This is true of every immigrant group that has come to America to seek refuge from political, racial, or religious persecution. Now, politicians are realizing that they may have sacrificed too much in order to gain office. Our country is in debt, and the debt ceiling keeps rising. We are becoming desperate for revenue. Now, certain states are turning to the underground market and trying to make it the mainstream. Just like the millions of Americans who have done what they needed to survive, to put food on the table and a roof over their heads, entire states are now looking to cultivate and cash in on marijuana, the crop that has kept so many just above the tipping point. ”The House I Live In” is available for streaming instantly on Netflix. I highly recommend everyone watch it.

Now, Hawaii.

In order to iron out some financial issues in her state, Hawaiian House Majority Floor Leader Rida Cabanilla may be turning to marijuana.

According to Watchdog, Cabanilla hopes to legalize cultivation, manufacturing and exporting of marijuana in Hawaii. That way, the state could be able to pay off billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. She also hopes that it can make way for infrastructure repairs, public education funding and human services programs.


Read full entry here: http://komornlaw.com/komornlawblog/hawaii-wants-to-grow-marijuana-to-pay-off-debt/


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