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Do You Know What April 6 Is?

Ms Chocolate


Five years ago the State of Michigan begin accepting application under the MMMA. The program actually went into effect on the 4th, but it was a Saturday, so nothing could be done.


Lots has happened during these five years. there have been compliance, bending, side-stepping, disobeying, changes, changes, re-writing, back-stabbing, under-table dealings, and a bunch of frustrations.


The thing that has frustrated me more than anything has been the attitudes concerning attentive forms of use. I have always said that the MMMA was designed for smokers, and unfortunately the CoA has agreed with me. I say this is unfortunate because I created my edibles and topicals using oils that extracted all the essence from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the marihuana plant, not just the resin. I assumed that the process I used was the undisputed definition of "preparation thereof", as allowed by the law.





to be continued


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