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I Was In Ann Arbor Yesterday

Ms Chocolate


All week I received calls al texts asking about the Hash Bash. It was like people felt that they couldn't go unless I served as their escort. I had 5 doctors appointment this week. I was tired, sore, hurting; I had not planned on going. By Saturday morning, all but one of those people had called to say that they weren't going. That last person was my son. He must have texted me 4 times Saturday, he really wanted to go.


I didn't make it to the Hash Bash, but to the Monroe Street Fair, and I was glad I went. I had never seen so many people. There were so many people, you didn't need to walk. Just stand in the crowd and the jostling moved you along. The smell and smoke of cannabis was so thick and strong. My son joked that I walked up Monroe limping, but came down spiriting. If I was, it had to be because of the medical powers of the plant. As I moved though the crowd, I sold a few of my cookbooks. I did see things that concern me, but was glad to hear there was only 1 arrest. I hope it wasn't the guy who was selling from 4 buckets of edibles. Some of the other things I seen was the guy wearing a bud hat, a girl hugging her friends legs after she collapsed from the over-powering thickness of the air, the large Harley parked at the bike rack - secured with a thin bicycle chain, and a pack of suit wearing moped riders.


I ran into some people I had not seen in a while. The award winning "Leaf Doctor" was there. I had not seen him since I hosted my Motor City Compassion Club meetings. I was glad to hear things were going well with him. Captain Kirk was looking good as a rolling tray. My brother Brad Forster was there Just before I left, Matt Abel and Mark Passerini walked up. In dealing with my issues, I had not realized how long it had been since I'd seen these people. My cookbook is now at Gro Blue on Packer in Ann Arbor and Aromatic Herbal Center on Livernois In Detroit.


My day ended on a really sad note. While visiting some people whom I had not seen in a while, I was told that one of the grand children had just passed. I use to babysit this child, who was just a few years older than mine. Rest in Peace Cherri


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