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Medical Edibles And Cannabis Topicals Are Needed Forms Of Medications

Ms Chocolate


I was discussing the edible use on marihuana with a group of acquaintances. Some of these people were smokers, some employed multiply uses, others how did not use- but were interested. The main thing that were all agreed on was that the MMMA was written with smokers in mind. We decided this because of the 2.5 ounce restriction on useable marihuana. Another thing we agreed on was that we had no issue with using the 2.5 ounces to produce something that we felt was friendlier to our particular ailment.


There is a Congressman in Montana who said that the so-called medical marijuana users of today were the Hippies of yesterday. Those people who I personally know to use marihuana medically, are all receiving SSDI. We were all income-producing tax-payers before being attacked by some sort of chronic malaise. I am talking about people who have dealt with cancers, MS, Sickle Cell, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, IBS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, and/or Scaronorma. These are people who have tried a number of pharmaceutical medications, as well as medicals to counter the effects of these pharmaceutical medications.


I had instructed a few in this group on the making of edibles and topicals. In making a topical, you can add pepper, ginger, or a number of other anti-inflammation herbs to create a rub that might control pain and/or spams. Being able to apply a mixture directly on the site or area that is bothersome is a wonder. There’s no waiting for periods your desired relief.


By making oil or butter that can be used in cooking, each patient can create a concoction that is just the right strength for him or herself. I know that with my acquaintances; one ounce of material per pound of butter is perfect. I prefer no more than a quarter ounce of material per pound of butter. The one size fits all approach, is not a wise medical option.


A good thing about edibles and topicals is that patient can use the lesser parts of the marihuana plant. A wonderful ointment can be created using the woody stems and roots. What are called the trash parts, can be had at little to no cost, which is a major savings to those of us with very limited incomes.


The most alarming questions that came up during discussions concerned the Carruthers case. This was the case in which members of the Michigan Court of Appeals stated that foods made with the essences of marihuana (what the common person would call the voted upon "mixture or preparation thereof", as oppose the identifiable parts of the plant was not legal under the MMMA.


There is confusion because we have the DoJ, among others, saying the Marinol is the only true “medical marihuana”. This is confusing because Marinol has NO marihuana in it. The Michigan CoA finds that it is wrong for those people who use marihuana as a medical wrong to process via a stove-top or slow-cooked method, and then straining out a product item. To them, this is not the uses of marijuana, but the resin thereof. From my understanding, there are ways to extract the resin off of the leaves and buds, but the ways used by many, including as explained in the Carruthers case is not among them. The purpose of the slow cooker method is the extract the essence from, not on the plant. This is much the same as using a bone to favor a pot of beans. if what you wanted was the meat that sits on the bone, you would just cut it off. When you want all the hidden flavors and goodness of beef, you use the bone. Based on the CoA, I should expect egg shells in the next box of cake mix I purchase.


I've have re-published the cookbook I created in 2009. It can be found in the classified section of the site. Including s/h, it is just $10. Look for Chocolate's Infusions: Medical Edibles and More - Medical Marihuana recipes compiled by Ms. Chocolate.


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