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I always questioned Dans ability in the courtroom just because I had never witnessed him in action. My fears are gone after today. He was so comfortable in his position. He even objected in the manner of the bailiff and others talking to loud distracting his ability to hear the officer as the witness. He presented himself in a very professional and positive manner. His question ability to the officer was beyond my expectations. The way he was "guided" in his abilities and manner really set the tone for the future ahead.


The most peculiar part was that the top of the fence really wasn't in question today. It was more about the structure of the fencing itself which I never imagined would come into play. It was based more in the direction of it not being secured. That's what I'm fighting as of now, it very well could change.


The judge even asked for the medical marijuana act itself which dan provided. He had not come across a case similar to mine before. He even took a brief recess to review it. I thought from the way he presented information that he would actually DROP the case but to my dismay that did not happen.


I know have to attend the next court date which is labeled "case conference" in early September. We will see where this leads!


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