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Dan (lawyer) spent a few minutes before the hearing talking about what might proceed. As I was in his office and it was almost time to leave, I started thinking about a story. Daniel and the lions den crossed my mind. If you know the story, Daniel continued to pray in front of his window of the city he lived in. Even though it was declared that you should not praise any other god except the present king,he did it anyways. He felt it was the right thing to do and he was not ashamed. The penalty, thrown into a den of hungry lions. The retribution was worth the reward thought Daniel. In the end, after spending the night in the den with a rock over it's entrance, he was unharmed in the morning. The point; I feel I have been ordered to do the same. Something that was right,justified and useful is being patronized and ultimately condemned to the den. As I told this to Dan-(lawyer) he understood the simile and agreed.


As we entered the courtroom, the nervous energy slipped away. I started to feel comfortable. The fear was no where near my heart and confidence overwhelmed. My doctor who issued my card, Dr. Prince,was the first be be brought to the stand. The prosecuting attorney grilled this man consistently with questions and kept revisiting the idea, there was no bona-fide relationship between him and I. The main reason being, that I only visited him once a year. I was really impressed with Dr. Prince's answering of the questions and how he handled the stress.


The prosecuting attorney also hammered him with questions to discredit his ability to "prescribe" a amount to his patients. The fact of the matter is that he cannot legally, he does not prescribe the medication, I do. As a caregiver, the right was handed down, directly from state law. The prosecuting attorney was trying to limit my section 8 defense by chipping the one of the 3, the bonafide relationship between doctor and caregiver/patient. If this were to be proven, my section 8 defense would be taken away and I would go to trail as if I grew this stuff illegally and never obtained my card! They kept swinging that point around to the judge consistently and never backed from it.


Dan's ability in the courtroom was

extremely potent and radiated as it was my turn to take the stand. We bonded and clicked with every question. My answering comprehension was voiced from the confidence that I achieved through rigorous prayer and guidance from The Lord. It went as well as I hoped and achieved more than I would know. We proved the three defenses pretty simply by the way Dan manifested his energy,into the displayed information. He drew on a board to conjure up a beautiful description. This proved that I did not have more than necessary to provide for my patients and covering all aspects of defense,that was needed to prove section 8.

Before it was the prosecuting attorneys turn to take a poke at me, the judge coincidently issued a 15 minute recess or break. It was as almost the same concept as calling a timeout directly before the field goal kicker gets a chance to kick, or icing as they call it. Did they want to ice me, to freeze up and let fear overtake and would it?


After about 20 or so minutes the court was back into session. As I entered the stand, no fear would over power the shield that god placed for me. I answered every question in a way, that normally I would have not been able too. Thanks to him,I shined through the darkness and radiated the room. It went so well, that the prosecuting attorney really was in awe as the right answers slipped from my mouth.


The last argument went very well as the judge and prosecuting attorney were clearly collaborating to scheme a way against me. Dan did a terrific job of turning the coin and distinctly stating our point. It was argued beautifully and brilliantly painted a picture of clarity, understanding and truth. The weight of section 8 weighed in our favor.


The judge did not make his decision, stating that he did not have a lot of experience and wanted to take time to review it. My guess is that god is poking at his heart and readily wants him to have compassion and understanding, in which he is not used too when dealing with section 8 marijuana cases. I sit and wait until Monday to figure out what may take place; until then,may peace fill all gaps of this situation and anyone else dealing with the same circumstance!


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