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No Trial, Yet Again.



The trial was cancelled and pushed back, like many times in the past. Dan and I do not know the reason why this has occurred. The trial is adjourned for another time in which we do not know exactly. They have to be waiting on me to mess up my bond because they know this is a losing case for them. I told Dan to tell the prosecuting attorney this:"I am ready to testify and all our witnesses as well, there will be no mistakes. We will win. It's best to end this now before I go public." If I didn't have my school job as I do, I would tell the world my story. I would get news networks and I will disclose all the impurities of this case and how unrighteous the judgements and handling of this has been. I cannot though because it would cause harm to the students I teach and the job in general. This would be viewed extremely negatively and wouldn't be good for the school system. So now we sit and wait for the indecency to finally come to an end, eventually.

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" If I didn't have my school job as I do"- Sometimes you have to take a risk. Often enough, people aren't willing to do this- they stop at the word "but"- the word "but", is a dream-killer. Every day, you will come back to the word "but" as a word that can be used to validate inaction. Don't allow "but" to keep you in the dark.This isn't ABOUT the school system. If you're unwilling to fully stand up for what it is that is going on, you may as well have lost on the inside. 

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