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Need Help Medical Card Holder, At Hash Bash, One Of Ten Arrested In 2 Minutes At Diag, Never Smoked!




Ok so i am on probation (not sentenced, adjorned status for growing marijuana) got a card, so the judge wants to see how i am in one year i suppose. well obviously i lay low, I am on drugtests constently and cannot drink, monitored for that also. THC ok. Now 2010 i go 2 Hash bash, dont know much except ann arbor is a 25 dolar ticket? right? no arrest, well i get to the diag, get passed a cashed pipe from my buddy and im arrested. just like that, i am yanked far away 2 talk, I show my paperwork (dr's recommendation) he wants a 100$ receipt to prove i am a patient? so he takes my medical paperwork as evidence)(thank god for copys, along with a pipe i never smoked.) this should be a dismissal since i was not smoking, (yes the cop said i was, but they'll say a lot) any1 wanna chat Evan Miller outta madison heights, need advice, taking this 2 trial! emil1986@gmail.com 248-499-4247....need help beating this trial. i never smoked.

again am a medical patient, there for the right reasons, even have a proper caregiver



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This is the thing that they need to let ppl know about hash bash.. On the street and sidewalks you are in the city of Ann Arbor. 25 dollar ticket (or whatever it is now.. I paid 5) But on the campus you are in a whole different jurisdiction ie. the campus cops.. And they do arrest alot of ppl who assume the law is the same as in the city.. but your not.. your on the campus. so sad.. i have seen this at hash bash many times.. I hope all goes well for you and send you blessings..

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