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The Pain Is So Real




My body is full of pain today. I can feel it from my head to my toes. Today is going to be one of those days where I just lay around and do nothing. Yesterday I cleaned and did laundry.. no cleaning today. It is raining right now so maybe that is why I am feeling this way, but my medicating is not helping so far. Next week 2 special people are coming into town for a bit and that should cheer me up.. but right now I am feeling very lonely. I had a dream last night that someone loved me so much and took such good care of me.. he did everything for me and I for him.. when I woke up and no one was there and then realized I don't have that.. I cried for a bit as I am doing now. I know relationships are not the most important thing to me right now, but I would sure like to be in love and have someone be in love with me. The anxiety is rising.. I must medicate and try to relax.


Peace Love Unity Respect!!



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Hi hun i've just read your post and i feel your pain,as no one should be alone.I've been married for almost 33 yre. and it's the only real thing that helps my pain.Drugs mask the pain for awhile but but love is the real cure.I'm not sure if your a pet person but i know for a fact that there a really big help.I suffer from really bad pain[back] and my wife has RA,so we both know about pain.And i agree about the weather that it's worse on rainey days.I'm sorry that your lonely and all i can do is be a friend to you.We have two dogs and believe it or not i believe they can sense when things are bad and have a way of making things go away,even if it's only for a little while.That unconditional love they give is a gift that i wish more people had.I'm very luckey to have someone and hope someone finds your good heart to be to there likeing,as everyone needs too be loved and cared for.Please count me as your friend and feel free to write me any time you wish. scarylarry [larry coleman] alpena Mi.

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Thanks guys.. I got real bad after I wrote this and I am just now feeling a bit better mentally. Life sure likes to grab you and rip you from your happy place a lot of times.. at least for me it does.. I will prevail!

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