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Prop.19,republican Governor In Michigan.




Well prop.19 failed in calf.and the reason is simple.Money.Go on weed maps .com and check out dispensaries in just about any area of California and you will find they are everywhere.Then check out the prices,you would figure prices in the sun shine state should be a lot lower than say some northern state,but that is not the case,20-25 dollars for a gram.Remember the dispensaries in calf. are taxed locally and federally.Legalization would have driven down the price of the meds affecting both profits for the dispensaries and a lose of tax revenue.Most people want to keep things just the way they are in calfornia,hopefully patients in need can find benevolent intelligent care takers who find rewards in helping others and love the challenges growing a superior strains and creating innovative and perhaps more green energy friendly ways to cultivate.,Well,still unemployed just turned 51,did a couple side jobs splitting 240v 4 ways to support the ballast and save on electric bills,and everything runs much cooler(so if anybody needs an electrical guy patient with references to help with those pesky glitches that arise contact me.will work for meds)back to unemployment and how it sucks and now the senate and house are totally split we will have two years of nothing getting done,republican governor in michigan means we could be a right to work state soon destroying whats left of the unions and kiss jobs with livable wages and security good by.Hard times ahead for the average american lots of crazy bullschuette happening everywhere,hold your heads up high,dont worship the material world,dont follow the sheep,help your brother.use marijuana responsibly and protect your rights and everyones and get involved.its 420 gotta go.peace .chuck 50.


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