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Prop.19,republican Governor In Michigan.

Well prop.19 failed in calf.and the reason is simple.Money.Go on weed maps .com and check out dispensaries in just about any area of California and you will find they are everywhere.Then check out the prices,you would figure prices in the sun shine state should be a lot lower than say some northern state,but that is not the case,20-25 dollars for a gram.Remember the dispensaries in calf. are taxed locally and federally.Legalization would have driven down the price of the meds affecting both prof



Cheap Marijauna ,compassion.

Marijauna a gateway drug.Well for me it was just the opposite,pot kept me from doing other more dangerous and toxic drugs during my youth.Many people i knew in my high school years back in the 70s did move on to harder very dangerous drugs such as cia cocaine and halliburton heroin,along with big pharm highly toxic and addictive pills.The death list reads like the year book,heart attacks at 45,overdosing and criminal activity and even murder for the want of these toxic dangerous government fund





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