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Cannabis Patients Reply To The Governors State Of The State Address .



Cannabis patients listened to Rick Snyder's State of the State address last night . The Governor a businessman had a self professed desire to reduce the inefficiencies in Michigan Government policy . Yet, there was no reference to how the State spends more on it's prison system then it does on it's school's and the wasted lives of many Citizens being introduced into it for victimless crimes at a huge operating cost to our State and them over their entire lives . Actions that have the effect of pushing people into the underground economy without opportunity with a us against them mentality against our Law Enforcement Officers . Absolutely no mention of crime or easing the burden on patients being forced into court at great risk to health and under threats of felonies to establish the parameters of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act .Yet much talk about how Michigan's success depended on cooperation between all Citizens .


Governor Snyder stated " the role of Government is to aid success not pick winners and losers " ," together we can build a new Michigan for a new century . " and " No matter what your background is be a mentor there is a role for everyone in Michigan's future . "


Well Governor Snyder where are your policies living up to these goals in regards to the sick , injured and voter approved qualified Medical Cannabis Patients of Michigan ? Must they die , loose medical care , job opportunities etc. like has been seen do to discrimination , lack of education by officials as we have seen before in States that broke down the wall of medicinal cannabis prohibition ? Must we sit blindly by looking the other way leaving persecution built on prejudice as the balancing influence to create workable court opinions on legal status ? What a waste to Government finances as well as to patients let alone the time and effort involved needed elsewhere . What a waste to continue down the path of fear and creating a class of less equal Citizens cropped out from the the citizenry unable to offer all their talents to our State. People with a wealth of knowldege who know the realities of health issues , navigating the system , not known by the majority and who heard your call that " no matter what your background is you can be a mentor as their is a role for everyone in Michigan's future " . Is there a role or future for Cannabis patients ?


Governor you want the Civil Rights arm of the State to make sure educated immigrants will be able to migrate and develop business in the State that we will work under . What will you do for the civil rights of patients already here within the voter approved medicinal cannabis community ? Surely a workable Medicinal Cannabis system required commerce activity on top of our Act which broke through the barriers of prejudice against medicinal use ? How much time is long enough until we continue to move forward ? What will you do to ease the conflict of Citizens in creating a viable working medical Cannabis Model that protects individual equal freedoms to medical care , work , education , travel,and be part of society unencumbered while fighting disease and injury ? What will you do to provide access for all and protect these Citizens from Federal authorities who now arbitrarily impose their will and have corrupted your State with all sorts of payments that support the old status quo .How will you guide local authorities who are defending the old status quo at patients expense also ? When will the sick and infirmed be able to benefit from Cannabis not be stuck fighting a war their ill prepared for while politician's without knowledge and unprepared hold back progress ? When will patients be part of the fold to participate in the real business healing themselves and making this a better State ?


Cannabis patients are a infirmed population wanting to be free of chains to join productive society contributing as much possible also to Michigan without any artificial barriers . Please step forward as the peacemaker .The voters of Michigan declared the war and discrimination should be over on Medicinal Cannabis in our beloved State . Protect the rights the voters now have in place , as well as protect the patients in this time of change . Develop the additional necessary componants to create a working system that no longer operates under the veil of fear inside a underground market . One that is free of non needed additional , regulation , taxation or penalty and protect the affordable individual and caregiver system now in place merely adding to it . Help explain to those who would oppose Cannabis patients they often cannot stand the physical requirements of arrest , interruptions of any medical routine , and defend themselves in confrontation . Maybe we need a special court and arrest procedure for these documented qualified ill patients to protect the most ill with hidden conditions ? To help prevent death like we saw in Oakland County .


Governor please act in the best interest of your most vulnerable Citizens and openly support Cannabis patients need for rights that anyone on any other medicinal item are entitled too without prejudice . It's time for you to mentor Michigan in this regard , ending the inefficiency of medicinal prohibition thus healing the past wounds and division from harmful punitive actions in our State ; while protecting the affordabillity the current act provides to most patients . Move forward Governor in Michigan we do not have to endure the pain , loss and conflict this change has created in other States . We merely have to accept medicinal cannabis is a reality , and make the change to a open workable system always putting the safety and comfort of patients first in any decisions . Governor patients like yourself are cheering for a improved Michigan going forward hear their cry , accept their needs and help champion a positive outcome without unnecessary growing pains , friction and loss moving forward .



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