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Do $15 Medicinal Soda's Fit Patient Needs ?



People have discussed this issue with person's who hold a college degree with honors . That have taken the math required to graduate from any business school , macro and micro economics ; yet they cannot see where this helps patients in the short term . Where will patients sacrifice from their limited incomes to buy Cannabis soda at $15 a can ? Maybe I am wrong but often I feel so much effort has truly bypassed medicinal interests and gone on to fit market segment's that would only exist in legalization within the general population .Legalization that most patients do support as they become more educated with their new found rights . However we must never forget medicinal and recreational use are entirely seperate situations that require special consideration .


On the topic surrounding the prices of cannabis products that are now coming out for medicinal use I assume we can only hope that like LCD tv's which entered the market unaffordably in time ; the prices will dramtically drop if we can also keep the overreaching hands of Government regulators from treating medicinal cannabis different then any other doctor recommended necessity . If we as a cannabis community can refuse to allow pricing to be maintained at the levels prohibitionists have created supporting all the abject behaviors they exclaim it causes but are truly side effects of how Government treat's user's and the substance . The problem is how do we get the price of Cannabis down from its artificially propped up levels from here reducing economic impact on patients as well as taking out incentive for illegal behaviors and the criminal along with the law enforcement element that support them ?


While I am excited about the offering of Cannabis Cola's I cannot say the same about their affordability along with many of the other product's being introduced into our community . As a person who likes to learn I would welcome any comments about how we can move the price of medicinal Cannabis lower now and more in line with efficient economical growing costs along with the eventual corporate production caregivers may have to compete against . Even the increased quality of individual caregivers will have to give way to the limits of affordability by patients in time . Those who need quality product the most .... often will be able to afford it the least .


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