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We Are What We Eat!



How often have you heard, " We are what we eat?" I've been reading about diet, we 're getting too much protein, causing many diseases, cooking mutates the things we need, too much protein plus the uutated stuff gets stored, causes colon cancer and other problems, calcium won't store, bones get brittle, more fruits and veggies will fix all this. I read all this in a group I'm in, link don't work so a member posted the article, it's long, but interesting. Basically it says to eat live food and less protein, explains why, research is cited, books mentioned. It's worth checking out and trying a more vegetarian approach.


After having poor digestion for many years, the article makes sense. My nutritionist explained a lot of that to me, too, so it sound familiar. I wish he were still around so I could talk with him about the article. Now I'm on my own, so I gotta remember everything he told me, which is gonna be really hard- he knew a LOT and shared a LOT of info on nutrition, plus how the body works. So it seems if we're putting mutated stuff into us, the body doesn't know what to do with it, it's being overwhelmed with mass intake of poisonous stuff. It has to go somewhere. Kidneys, liver, colon, blood, and bones, all get some and it just SITS THERE. No wonder we get arthritis, osteoporosis, hardening of the arteries, gout, and other diseases! What an eye opener for me! Many say we do get some benefit from cooked food. I wouldn't want to eat raw meat. Studies done in 1914, done on rats, were the basis of many erroneous conclusions about human protein needs. The article is fascinating and could be onto something. The dairy, meat, and egg industry are misinforming us, too. It figures. EVERYWHERE we go we're being lied to. If we don't wake up NOW it's gonna be too late. Look at what's being pumped into the children, look at what they're learning. "If you're a good girl I'll give you a lollipop," I heard a mother say at a dr.'s office. She was about 4, and I wanted to say something SO BADLY! I've seen young parents giving sweets to very small children, told one of them how I felt, of course I got, "oh it's just a little bit, it won't hurt." A little here, a little there, soon the body is overwhelmed with it and can't handle it properly. Kids are getting fatter and getting diseases of much older people, they'll die by 30!


Please stop and think what you're putting into your self, kids, etc. Do some research into this, please. Vegetable proteins instead of animal. We don't need as much as we're being told. I may yet become a vegetarian. May not completely convert but I'm not doing well with how I eat now so I gotta do something. Can't sleep, can't digest food properly, something's wrong, though I'm doing a little better with digestion, still not good.


Sincerely, Sb


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