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Mmj Marching Band For May Rally: We're Putting The Band Back Together.

Frank R


In the Forums I've seen some members express interest in playing Taps, The Star Spangled Banner, and some Sousa marches to support the Veterans Honor Guard at the May Rally.

So, I'm putting out the call to ask members to take up instruments in the march on the state's capitol.

Looking for woodwinds, brass, drums, etc.

Blueberry has approved this activity, stating "I love the idea!"

If you are interested please PM me.

Let anyone you know that plays who may be interested in joining.


I still have my old baritone, and have done alumni band at my high school, Go Eagles, so I think we can pull together enough talent from the MMJ community and their friends/family to make a respectable and big sound in Lansing.

I have connections that can provide us with the required sheet music for your instrument.


At a minimum we need to play: Taps, Star Spangled Banner, and Stars and Stripes Forever.

My expectation is that member will practice at home, and will attempt to make it to rehearsals.

I'm looking to coordinate rehearsals with other MMJ events, to maximize value for member's travel efforts.

I would also expect folks to practice in smaller groups at get-togethers. Intermission/half-time is a great time to break out the instruments.

Marching expectation is that we stay in straightish lines. Guide, Guide! :D


We have a really great opportunity to show rally observers the depth of the MMJ community, and once we get the band together we can roll it out for other rallies and events. :thumbsu:



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