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Michigan Cannabis ( Marijuana ) Patient Considers Thc Testing For Drivers



The last and current Attorney General's let Michigan down when they didn't interpret clear uniform policy for communities to follow that complied with the MMM Act's intentions assimilating patients into society in a manner that kept them as productive and included as possible . They should not let personal views interfere . They should of helped create workable law on med ables , stopped this discontinuance of adjunctive medications , medical care or routine just for program participation , removed doubts about driving unless impaired , cleared up access for patients to grants and scholarship's for education , sports and honestly considered distribution with clarification of tax laws regarding growing and sales that could be extended to Federal Forms under the concept of following State Medical Marihuana Law .


I agree with the patients who believe no testing should be involved in driving it should be like any other medicinal item if your displaying impairment then Law enforcement must document it and prove it in court or let it go just like with Valium or anti depressants . What worries me is many of us are disabled and appear unsteady or different when were not impaired . Further people do have serious accidents whether impaired or not why the extra penalties on medicinal users . I thought society already had laws that penalize people who have '"accidents " are they severe enough ? I have never seen society so punitive in my lifetime as the last few years as money incentives are pushing testing One company sells a test now that is a video game to be used by truckers roadside . I remember hearing of a case where a person was sitting at a red light waiting for it to change and was hit from behind , pushed through the intersection causing another serious accident and found at fault due to impairment testing . How authoritis could conclude and enforce increased culpability in that situation still confuses me ?


Unlike the public or uneducated legislators most patients understand there is no known test for impairment and regular medicinal users can test at 5 nanograms then a hour later test at 20 nanograms because THC is stored in fat with 65 % of elimination occurring in the bowels . Anything less then 50 nanograms is the same as zero tolerance these 2 and 5 nanogram limits being put in place in other States as a floor for recreational users equal exactly that zero tolerance when applied to medicinal or habitual user's . Many of us would fail 50 nanogram tests in blood plasma levels and almost all urine tests of a similar amount . Patient's recognize and espouse people new to any substance should be very careful and phase in a medicinal item when around others and their homes adjusting to it before driving or operating dangerous machinery and exercise extra caution always even after feeling comfortable with side effects .


A nanogram is 1/10,000 of a microgram . For example marinol has 2.5 -10 micrograms of THC and one normal Cannabis Cigarette ( 1 gm ) is similar and will lift a patients blood level by 50- 200 nanograms . Habitual Medicinal Users will have consistent blood plasma levels of 45 nanograms according to the NHTSA . Even higher are possible . The Government itself has published for years blood tests are not evidence of impairment as their is no viable limit or consistent level within blood plasma to develop one for THC . We have many patients using 3 Oz's a week with med ables . The Federal Government was/is giving patients 2.3 ounces a week that were/are on the compassionate use program - some working . The whole point of medicinal use is to try to keep a consistent elevated dose of the cannabinoids that benefit one in the blood stream that is necessary to alleviate debilitating symptoms of illness and or injury . Patients cannot support testing and should be treated the same as users of any other medicinal item .


If anyone finds any fault with this please feel free to comment/ correct , add for educations sake . Thanks in advance .


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I had email correspondence with our past Attorney General Cox over his position on medical marijuana. He told me he was against it and any other form of legalization because his past experience as a State Trooper showed him the ill's of marijuana. I guess he was never called to any domestic problems due to alcohol. I guess he did not care how many people in his state are in chronic pain and looking for the right to use the best medicine available to them, that was voted into law by the people he represented to make medical marijuana available to those in need. I can get pills right now from my doctor that will put me into "la la land" all day from my pharmacy legally. Yet look at what you have to do to get something that will just relax you, reduce the pain and discomfort and maybe make you feel like you can eat without bringing it back up. As far as driving under the influence of marijuana....do not do it. That is what I believe. I also believe it is unfair to just have a test that can be randomly given without cause. Asking a person to be tested only because he is registered as a Medical Marijuana card holder. My driving should be the determination. Why, you have any idea how many drivers are on the road now under the influence of prescription medication? I would think choosing which medications can be randomly tested for would be unconstitutional? I have a prescription for Medical Marijuana, have my card in my possession and am legal in every way according to our State Laws. Why should this make me subject to unreasonable search and seizer or undo harassment and taxation (CHARGING ME A $100 FEE TO GET MY PRESCRIPTION FILLED EVERY YEAR). Name one other prescription you are required to pay a fee to fill. What other prescription does law enforcement have equipment to test for, such as any opiate people are taking and driving on every day. If you say alcohol then your not paying attention. I do not know of anyone being told that they should drink to reduce pain and suffering. I bet some doctors may have suggested a glass of wine or beer a day. But is it prescribe to them? That is like a doctor telling you to try eating more fruit and vegetables. Simply put, our elected officials are not representing the vote of the people, they are twisting the intent of the law and implemented it in a way to provide data to support their fight against it. Taxation without representation. This seems to be the new Michigan Motto.

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i truly believe the reason we still have so many problems with this new law is now that it is legal, the state can not make any money from it. think about how much money they made from court costs and fines, tickets, probation costs, licence suspensions and so on. now that it is legal the only way they can make money on it is to try to catch one of us doing it illegaly, so they harrass us, search our homes, pull us over unneccessarily, etc. they can not control it so therefore they fear it. as for the judges making unfair judgements, the same applies. they are no longer making the money from "busting" anyone so they have to give steeper fines, costs and consequences to those who do have to go to court.

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