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Week Two



So I got a few clones from a local respected organization and I brought home the clones, transplanted them and they are doing great! I have started nuts on their week two as I started out with a mix of farm fox and happy frog soil. I have them in a 1000 MH reflective hood and a 4x4 tent at 18-6 light cycle timed. I check them twice a day and I am pleased. :goodjob:


I also however bought clones elsewhere and while they are rooted well, after transplant I have noticed them start to wilt. I am discouraged that the new clones of different strains are not doing as well. My research shows that it may be transplant shock as I have been watering and managing well otherwise. I am following instructions from the Cervantes manual to the tee. I have had a few die and returned them to the place of purchase (they are great about that!) and I have received a few new ones. They are struggling but hopefully will pick back up in a few days. :notfair:


I have started this as a means to keeping track of my success and failure to see where I went wrong and to learn from where I went right. I watered yesterday and gave nuts to the older ones as well. The newly transplanted ones I have not added nuts to as they soil is rich in nutrients as is. GDP, I hope you pull out...


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