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We Need Everyone



Let's face it, we are in for the fight of our lives. It not only is with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Law but it also deals with the very thread of our constitutional fabric. If we allow and sit on the side then we will get what we deserve but not what we want. We have an opportunity at this time and that window will close if we do not take action as a whole.


Writing our state representatives and calling them will force them to address the concerns of their constituents. We have to take action and let it be known that we want to live the way we want to live without prosecution and prejudice in my and your happiness and comfort. It is our given human right to live and let live. Instead we are being told how to live and how to live with-in those means. I myself and sick and tired of the dictatorship.


To me life can be pretty simple and then comes along someone or something that wants to get up into my stuff. Poking and proding into things that are none of their business. But they want to be in my business. And for what reason? What is their motive? What is in it for them? And should I just allow the bully to bully me? I think our children have expressed how a bully can make you feel and we have seen suicide from it. We are recognizing that a bully does nothing but get up in your stuff for no reason at all but just to do it for their own entertainment and pleasure. It truly is a self act and should be discouraged at all costs. So why would we as adults put up with it. If you ask me we are not preparing our children for the real bully in life that will attempt to control them for the rest of their lives. So are we going to put up with the bully any more I ask you? Do we not have the right to expose the bully and the tactics of the bully? I think so, don't you?


So take the time today and the next day to contact your representative and tell him to quit being a bully and let you live the life you have the right to live as long as you commit no harm or foul why should anybody be in your stuff. It is time to end this bullyisim that is practiced supposedly for the good of man kind. I say Bull Crap to that...they just want my money and time.


Please leave a commitment in the comments to say you are writing your representative and share it. Spread the word that it is time to take control and voice your opinion for living life the way you want to without prejudice or judgement.


Scott Kelley


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