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I Am Scared To Go Out In Public On Public Lands



If you are a medical marijuana user you should be too. If you use any drug you should be.


Okay, the State is well beyond common sense these days and the continuity of laws are becoming intertwined and contradicting themselves.


Here is my story.


Last September i was diagnosed with cancer but had my card before that. I am a vet and with no job or any medical insurance marijuana becomes my medication by choice and economic reasons. We know how expensive medicine can be. After my surgery I was requested to have check-ups every two months. This caused to have to travel I-75 every two months from Petoskey to Ann Arbor and I do it in one day. Round trip it comes to 550 miles.


In early January i made the trip to my doctors appointment and on the way home, 90 miles from home I was pulled over by the Roscommon County Police for having a light out on my license plate. I was not speeding like the guy that passed me right before i got pulled over. As the officer approached the car and I had my paperwork ready for him the first thing he asked me, and he asked me twice, " Do you have any weapons?". That shocked me and of coarse we didn't i answered no with a joking voice when he asked me again with a bit more aggressiveness and firmness in his voice. I answered no again, handed him my paperwork and was then asked to step out of the car. I obliged and went to the back of the vehicle where he made me do a spread and searched me for weapons. I then asked what is going on as i felt i was a suspect of something dealing with weapons.


That is when he said he could smell marijuana and went into asking me if I had used it? I said earlier that day i did. That is when he said i was lying and then asked if he were to search the car would he find anything. I said yes and showed him my card. That did not stop him as there were two passengers in the car also and he went to question them. He removed them from the vehicle and began his search. I could have saved him time but he wanted to do his job. There was another officer with him but I believe he was in training as he did not do anything but repeat the same questions I was already asked. By this time the officer found the marijuana. now i am the only card holder and he asked me if all the marijuana was mine and i said yes. What I did not know was my friend had a pill bottle on him with his name on it with marijuana in it. The cop then, trying to be smarter than smart tried to accuse me since i said that all the marijuana was mine that what was i doing with a pill bottle with my friends name on it. Of coarse i had to deny that it was mine and my friend was arrested on the spot for possession.


Next came me. The police officer performed a sobriety road side check on me. As far as i could tell I passed all the tests, as he did not say where I failed. At the end when he had his black fingered glove 10 inches away from my face my eyes refocused or something as he grabbed the back of my arm and handcuffed me and said i was being arrested for driving under the influence.


So far my trial date has been cancelled and changed twice. This was six months ago and i am going in on June sixth to hear their plea bargain. They are trying to charge me with being intoxicated. I gave my blood that night, lost my license, my plate and felt like I was raped.


The blood test came back showing i had 25 nano grams in my system. The law does not allow 1 nano gram of any schedule one drug in your system when you operate a motor vehicle. If you did not know that if you are a user that at any given time your blood will have 15 to 35 nano grams on a daily basis. So that being they know that if you used and if they take your blood that you will test positive and be above the laws limit.


Well this is all fine and dandy but I have a few issues with the officers and their confusion. I also think the law is over bearing and over reaching to the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong. The reason I am saying this is because i have been pulled over twice since then and yesterday took the cake.


Again i was traveling from Ann Arbor back home after my check up with my doctor. Oh and this was the beginning of the seat belt awareness program. I was shocked that i had not seen any officers patrolling. Any more i shutter when i see them. As i went through Roscommon I saw my first one, the Sheriff. As i traveled north and went into the next county after passing Grayling and came over a rise there was two state cops. There was about 10 cars in the traffic and three were doing at least 80 as they made me look like I was standing still. I thought someone is going to get pulled over. We went about a mile down the road and it was going to be me. I couldn't believe it.


Last week while taking my buddy home and passing an accident where two state cops and one county were just finishing up pulled me over. The same people in the car in January were in the car with me again. This time my buddy had his card. He took my temp paper drivers license, came back said he questioned my tag on my plate and said i was good to go and off we went. He did not question me at all, and if he did he would have found that I had a pipe on me and medicine. And being the stupid fool i am was under the influence at the time as everyone in the car was. We were coming home from Morel Mushroom Hunting. But he did not ask or anything, not even why I had a temp paper license.


But yesterdays encounter was a little different. I had no contraband or paraphernalia. I was being pulled over for a loud muffler. A Harley is louder than my car and so is a semi truck. Anyways that was her reasoning. As i gave her my paperwork she questioned why the paper license. I told her. I then told her that this is getting ridiculous and this was my third stop this year. She came back with my paperwork and then asked me to step out of the car. I did as she asked. I have no fear or do I? That's when she asks," Have you used today?" I said no and that is when she said "Can I ask You a question?" What is your question i say, remember i am not doing anything wrong, "Would I find anything in your car if I looked?" I said no. That's when she said" I can smell marijuana, do you have any in the car and have you been smoking?" Again I said no and said go ahead and check.


That is when I did something really stupid but she asked when i last used and i said yesterday. That is when i told her that I know that she can arrest me for having thc in my system and that more than likely would get a conviction and told her i understand that I can be arrested at that time. I also told her that i knew i was breaking the law knowing i had amounts of thc in my body. I was almost begging her to arrest me for driving with thc in my body. My reason, to get a free comparison of blood samples to use the states evidence against itself and prove that i was not under the influence in January. Well i did not get a ticket for anything and she let me go. So go figure, who knows what the law is? But I can tell you for sure that when you have a cop that will listen to reason take advantage of it as they are your first judge and jury. And if you get a cop that seems to have an agenda, just bend over and don't cop a felony for interrupting him while he does his job.


In conclusion, the law is vague, contradicting and should not be allowed to be treated with such bias. I think the good lord was telling me not to take the plea and plead not guilty, take it to trial and let people say if I was in the wrong. The cop yesterday let me go, what are my odds with a jury?



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Internal possession for patients was meant to be legal no other medicinal item is treated in such a manner . Always remember this is not toxic like alchohal . Don't let them compare the two . Good luck as you struggle for all patients of Michigan . Patients who nobody cares about until they are one ! At some point we all are . Many of us are too sick/injured to work or drive at will but we fight for all patients to be able to as long as they mearure up and violate no laws .


I guess we all need clarification of under the influence . To me that means impaired more then without . Here is a dictionairy definition .



Under The Influence

(n) Under the influence phrase is used when someone is not acting in his full consciousness state of mind. Such state of mind may occur due to intake of alcohol, excessive seductive medicine or intoxicating drugs etc.Contracts entered 'under the influences' are not enforceable



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This is simply outragous. A year or so ago my buddy faced a possesion charge for having it in his system, he beat it but itys still moo poo. Good luck bother man I wish ya the best of luck and look forward to seeing the outcome.

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Well, the outcome is guilty...guilty...guilty...they took my meds, will not give them back. I have to take drug re-hab for my marijuana addiction, haha, while I am licensed to use it...lol. They do not want to recognize my health issues and my medication. We are truly at war. They took my ID and did not give me another. I consider that an act of removing my citizenship. Have you ever tried to get a job without one? Right now I use my VA ID and my SSN. Just as I was taught when serving the Air Force when captured...Name...Rank...SSN...thats it...nothing more or it could be considered treason which is a court marshal and possible death. I feel that my constitution to myself is stronger than any non-humans constitution. After all I am human, I have a right to live and let live. I have the right to forgive and to forget. I have the right to be all that I can be. I certainly also have the right to be a menace to society in the Justice System views and laws, Fined, persecuted and pay for my mistake for the rest of my life. I have a problem with that, a major problem. Most would agree that it is not right, but for some odd reason we let it to continue. We let money rule the justice system and money controls every case in the courts. We know this, yet we allow the practice that the laws is leveraged by money as to who is guilty and who isn't. Same cases two different outcomes because one could afford it and the other could not. That is not justice, that is a corrupted system.

let me ask you, when was the last time you saw a new Cadillac pulled over? But I bet you can say you saw a rust bucket pulled over, yes, no?

If I were running a business and knew that if I pull over money I can never win because they have enough to fight money with money. But the guy that doesn't have any is an open target for a sure win. If you were running this business i am sure you would target market for you best clients. So there we are, money corrupts the justice system.

I feel that we are living in some awful times where the average citizen breaks the law 147 times a year which justifies more laws and more law enforcement. As out state legislation meets to ponder the laws they will look at other states and do the easy thing and adopt their policies. The new legislation being proposed on the medical marijuana is just like the one passed in Montana.

The law states do not leave your home with it and do not communicate or share with others like you doing the same thing. If you are in the public you may be targeted as you will be known about.

Do you feel the threat yet? Do you feel a war on the rise? Do you feel violated as like being victimized over and over again being targeted as a problem?

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