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Kalkaska County - Legal Grow Seized



I know there are lots of folks out there that have encountered Brian Donnelly, the Prosecuting Attorney in Kalkaska County. On Friday, the TNT, Michigan state boys and unidentified others raided our home and seized the legal plants growing in a fully secured (top and bottom) facility. My husband had stepped away from the enclosure, into the house, at the wrong time. The cops arrived to find unlocked gates and despite state-issued plastic cards that qualified us for more plants than we had, they got a warrant, searched our house and seized the plants. These plants are in no way visible from off of our property, except from up above due to heavy pine coverage on all sides. The warrant affidavit stated a fly-over. They then lied on their request for the warrant, stating we had too few cards and too many plants. A completely provably blatant lie. 7 hours later our house had been ransacked and our plants hacked down. Despite asking to read the warrant before it was executed, that request was denied. I did not discover their lies until the damage had been done.


Why can't they leave law abiding citizens alone? We've had no arrests yet, but the warrant was claiming manufacturing, delivery and intention to deliver. Simply because my husband stepped into the house (about 125 feet away) to get a drink before returning to the garden.


Any advice from people in Kalkaska County that have had to deal with this crooked system?


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Find your legal options and if they did get this warrant based on lies then they should pay for all your troubles. These egos that think they are above state law need to be re-educated.

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Most of the law is cloudy! but the one part that is clear is that it has to be kept locked at all times, even when we go to get a drink, this is one of the easier things to abide by, you have to go through three different doors to get to my garden, all doors have auto closers on them with auto locking door knobs, its a shame that we are always looking over our shoulder but this is the business we choose to be in & most everything we do is a pain in the donkey, i hope everything works out for you guys, the worst part about this is without a good attorney you guys will prob lose you license

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