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Medical Marijuana Is A Freedom Issue...



Anyone who fears that the use of medical marijuana will cause an upsurge in recreational use should fear not.


Our current Republican administration, especially conservative Republicans dislike bureaucracies run amok, and the bureaucracy which wants to restrict and limit the medical use of marijuana is a classic example. Conservatives resist uncanny thinking - the notion that bad things cause bad deeds - when liberals apply it to firearms: the same principle should apply to drugs.


We can only hope that our Republican Michigan Senators and Republican Michigan Representatives, along with anyone else who opposes the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act see it as a freedom issue, also. Ask them to apply the same logic to medical marijuana as they do to their precious right to "bear arms".


Recommended Comments

It is my greatest concern that the conservitives are bent on removing our newly given right as given to us through our peers. As near as I am able to glean though watching attitudes among our constabularies and conservitive representives is: they believe they exist for a NARROW and HIGHER "right" amoung a would of corruption further believing that our new Right is an abonination much the same as "right to lifer's" find reporductive rights are an abomination. I am not at all surprived to find enforcement officers "Making deceptive Statement for (the better good)". It appears we as a PEOPLE have granted licence for our Court system to use deception as a tool, and they have endowed Enforcement to use deception as a tool. I believe we have decended as a society to believe a Wrong may be used to capture a "Precieved Wrong" even though the Precieved Wrong is properly legal. I feel as though I am a criminal although I have a need to use MJ, and that the Dr. who certified my need is equally guilty. And it seems our Legislature's wish to prosicute any Dr. who qualifies a person to use MJ.


People we have a very BAD problem.

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