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Williamston Michigan Bans Medical Use Of Marihuana In Opposition To State Protections Under Law



do allot of reading and I do not remember a locality barring medical use anywhere else before in a medical cannabis State . Even Livonia's troubling actions previously banning caregiver activities did not go there . That doesn't mean it hasn't occurred but it is rare if so



. It just goes to show how discriminatory and dangerous attitudes are for patients . Already many are afraid to go to emergency rooms even at State Run Institutions like the U of M . 3 years after the act has passed I have not heard of one Hospital or Nursing home to have a vape or smoking area for patients who use this as medicine . Even the mention of it is frowned on and of course department heads are banning physicians from writing recommendations even denying medications due to program participation . Yet the AG's office does not step in to protect patient rights .



Election year politics are causing a backlash for participants and distractions from care patients just do not need . The fact is only 1% of the population uses medical cannabis and the use is spread out over the whole State . Pretty much our closed community regulates itself and market forces will downsize distribution channels overtime due to real world demand and supply constrictions . It is sad that through the Michigan Municipal League and meetings with prosecutors that have no corresponding opposition harmful attitudes have been spread to form policy against patients and caregivers . Policy that forces opposition and expensive legal actions in which the sick and dieing are at a huge disadvantage in having to go up against the war chest funding of the local Government sworn to protect and serve them . We have even seen the State send in special prosecutors to assist thus further imbalance the court proceedings .


Without the supply from the caregiver system the whole program collapses for the sickest patients even Bill Schuette recognizes eligible though he still will not recognize that any medical benefit from cannabis exists . Because when that is recognized it forces policy of opposition to change to accommodation . In every meeting with officials positive studies reinforcing medical benefits must be driven home negating any foundation for nuisance law . Further the act stipulates all other acts and parts of acts in conflict shall no longer apply ; so how are they enforcing law from the CSA on patients now by merely quoting Federal Statutes we all know conflict but the majority of voters that elected officials choose to ignore ?





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