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Attutude Is Everything As Patients Seek Public Acceptance For Medicinal Cannabis



As more and more people become familar with the terrible plight of cannabis patients in the USA and world the Golden rule becomes more and more important to win further support among non patients .


Please remember in everything one communicates it must be polite , concise and free from anger . I am sure our most successful citizens can verify in business or politics one misplaced sentence felt as a insult by the other side in negotiations can alienate persons which take weeks even months to win back .


Nobody owes us anything we must create a environment of calm reflection where they see the error of hurting patients by using criminality to enforce zero tolerance tough love beliefs which prevent people from seeking help for problems with medication issues . We also need a reasonable affordable inpatient detoxification network in the State that puts patient comfort first without punishment , forced religion / powers or blame . You don't punish patients for problems that develop in treatment . It is naive to believe all suffering can be coped with without treatment or that problems will never develop among just persons . Most people do not realize the psychological effects of suffering alone without treatment there is a point where personal responsibility requires treatment solutions . Just as it is unbelievable cannabis is banned from use with patients self treating penalized and or isolated shunned from society when legal medical cannabis has been passed in this State . That a a patient can go from legal to felony criminals in a instant with a minor mental mistake like assisting another patients with clones or being over a few plants fighting to keep a uninterrupted supply going is reprehensible . Society should be embracing the sick and injured in a positive way with tolerance and patience as good Samaritans . If this occurs miracles of recovery are possible everyday .


When I look at the situation what is truly needed is to allow what the act was designed to do if not misapplied . Give anyone registered a free pass from arrest for medical use as long as activity was confined to the registrar ed qualified patient community . For people outside of those parameters a prosecution should be terminated if they can show documentation of medicinal and other needs that fell outside the acts specific protections . This and reasonable tolerance by officials in a now legal medical cannabis environment should result in only very serious violations of intra state trafficking being pursued . Following this policy of tolerance will take a huge chunk out of the criminal enterprises formally involved with patients while keeping any funds exchanged in local economies as well as the pockets of those being discriminated against and unjustly banned from employment , education , research and public access areas to use their medication .


Obviously were going to see more and more change as legality is accepted and coped with . I hope and pray cultivation of cannabis for personal medical use will always be a fundamental right as this truly is a substance that restores mind and body for many Americans and unaffordable otherwise . Stay calm , focused and polite at all times . Politely explain the Act is being misapplied and local officials are often pursuing ridiculous infractions that should not be occurring . In time with education and tolerance patients and society will benefit from equality in attitudes toward medical cannabis patients and improved access seperate from the black market

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