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Guilty Verdict Even With The Use Of Medical Marijuana In Court To Jury



My father and brother were just convicted on mult. marijuana charges in court even with the use of medical marijuana as a defense. I myself was a full caregiver, along with my brother a full caregiver. We both had our own over 100 ft greenhouses, seperated out with fence and both were even fenced in with 8ft high fence and a barbwire top. In 2010 operation HEMP was at the house and approved everything, said to have a copy of all licenses on the fence at each greenhouse gate so none was pulled by mistake to be illegal. On June 16th 2011, my home was raided, vechicles taken, cash taken computers, cameras, even titles the the vechicles were taken. The house was ransaked, the swat team even pointed guns at my 72 year old gramma who lived next door and tresspassed onto her property to exit. It looked like a warzone. Again on June 24th the raided my brothers home taking nothing but his personal computer. We were 100% legal and went way above the MMM laws and guidlines, and still we lost everything we own. I even being a caregiver was never once questioned, instead they put the charges on my 52 year old father who has heart disease, kidney and pancreas transplants and glaucoma along with my brother. Each greenhouse had 72 plants, locked and enclosed. My brother and father were both found guiltyon 4/20/12 on all marijuana charges even with the use of medical marijuana as a defense. We had our paperwork, licenses and even the patients came in to testify for us, yet the jury still said Guilty. Now my brother faces a mandatory 5 and father a mandatory 10 for something he had nothing to do with besides owning the property our greenhouses sat on. We lost our family farm to this being forced to sell for lawyer fees, items passed down from the family I will never get back. In the process of trying to save the house from them taking it. Our only hope right now is that the judge grants us a mistrail because of a sleeping Juror. This is just not fair, the state sends you a letter with your card saying you can not and shall not be prosecuted for marijuana in the state, yet I am fighting for my families rights to keep them out of prison for legal medical marijuana!!! Please if anyone has any advice or thoughts what I can or should do please please share them!!! Thank you!!!


US. vs. Duval

case # 11- CR-20594


Ashley Duval


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I am so sorry that this has happened to you and your family. Unfortunately I am not a lawyer, and don't quite know what you should do at this point.


Where both greenhouses at the same address?


Also, try using the forums here. Not a lot of people read the blogs.

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