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Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover



The Shot that saved my life..


Thank you Humate-P, you have saved my life again!


This is what I go through in order not to bleed to death.. This literally saved my life @ a whopping $28,000 a shot. You may look at me and see a healthy person, please don't Judge me or anyone before you actually take the time to know them first. This shot was admisitered by me at home a few hours ago, I was doing what I always do just watching the tigers game then I felt blood in my mouth its a very distinct flavor and odor. Low and behold in between my back molders in my teeth I was bleeding, It was to the point of a steady drip, like a leaky sink faucet.


Disabilities come in all different forms, Some you may never even know exist unless your made aware of them. Mine happens to one of those w/o these meds I could pass in my sleep from a tiny cut. I suffer daily with a diease named 'Type 3 von willebrand disease' http://www.hemophili...ptname=bleeding


There is no cure in sight for this condition, and to top it off our newly appointed governor thought that my diease wasn't that important and cut spending for funding by 2million dollars out of the Budget to help me aquire this synthetic medication, Guess that Bridge was more important than my life?




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My Tattoo here is a representation of why I must have faith, without it I might as well just give up. I'm not a quitter, never have been. I push the limits of what I can and cannot do when it comes to my disabilities. Along with this rare diease it attacks my joints and my bones causing brittle bone diease, narrowing of the spine, severe arthritis in all of my joints and spine.


I cannot have any kind of surgery do to the high risk that is involved with poking around and causing a potential bleed, It sucks to be me. What hurts more than anything is the way I can be judged without someone actually understanding what is going on inside me.. I wish more people would just get to know me before passing judgement, Its hard enough to live a so called 'normal' life without people passing judgement about things they have no clue about.


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