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Don't Judge a book by its cover

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I Just Inhaled, This Is What I'm Feeling Afterwards..

I Just smoked, my desription of how I feel at this moment;   Ok so I just smoked a joint of a strain called Super Bee, a card holding friend stopped by to give it a try cause I was having some pretty bad back spams, and saw no sleep in my future.   So its been about lets say 10 minutes give or take, Once we started smoking I could instanly taste what would be desribed as earthy, with a pine flavor and smell?. Got to be around the 3rd hit and the buzz effect starting to kick in, were about 1/



Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

The Shot that saved my life..   Thank you Humate-P, you have saved my life again!   This is what I go through in order not to bleed to death.. This literally saved my life @ a whopping $28,000 a shot. You may look at me and see a healthy person, please don't Judge me or anyone before you actually take the time to know them first. This shot was admisitered by me at home a few hours ago, I was doing what I always do just watching the tigers game then I felt blood in my mouth its a very distin





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