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I Just Inhaled, This Is What I'm Feeling Afterwards..



I Just smoked, my desription of how I feel at this moment;


Ok so I just smoked a joint of a strain called Super Bee, a card holding friend stopped by to give it a try cause I was having some pretty bad back spams, and saw no sleep in my future.


So its been about lets say 10 minutes give or take, Once we started smoking I could instanly taste what would be desribed as earthy, with a pine flavor and smell?. Got to be around the 3rd hit and the buzz effect starting to kick in, were about 1/2 way done with the joint at this point.


I at this point start to feel my spasms in my back begin to untense up and the twitching started to go away, I still have a pretty good head buzz at this time, not to the point of "duh whats going on" I am now at the place that I have no real pain at all the effects of the head buzz have made me forget that I was in pain before we started..We have finshed the joint by this time, and I feel pretty "medicated" I seem to be thinking alot, nothing in particular just lots of things going through my head.


I don't feel any pain anymore, I know I still hurt, but I just don't feel the pain anywhere now since I smoked, pretty cool thing!. Umm what else my memory is fine all my motor skills seem to be normal no more back spasms and my anxiety has dropped immensely, still have that heavy feeling in my head, Don't quite know how to put it in words.


It has taken a while but I would label this bud a "creeper buzz" cause 10 minutes ago I was medicated its going on 20 minutes or so and the effect is much stronger. I feel great, I keep trying to desribe how I feel as it starts to effect me more and more, But all I can desribe is how I don't have any pain that I can feel at the moment? I tried laying down to fall asleep and my mind is racing still, this is normal for me when I smoke.


I would say that when the effects of the head buzz start to go away (10-20 minutes) that I will be able to shut my eyes and fall alseep cause still 30 minutes later and I'm not feeling the back twisting pinching shooting pains I felt just prior to ingesting it, and that to me is a medication that has done its job it effectively stopped my pain and kept my mind busy so much so that I forgot that I was even struggling with back spasms just a 30-45 minutes ago.


Well that was my smoke report and how this strain effected me, it helped with all the right things I needed assitance with at the time. THANK YOU CANNABIS!


I leave the reply/comments open to you all on how you are effected after you medicate, I did this so people can read and see what they may expect after they inhale cannabis for the first time, or the regular user that has a certain strain they want to share the report on.


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Good report Trix.


Cannabis certainly does relieve most muscle spasticity even that associated with MS.


Because I don't smoke much at all and never during the day, my nightly medication ritual goes like this:


Break out the Simpson hemp grease.

Squeeze 2-3 pea sized globs onto a spoon of ice cream.


Buckle up and wait for the oil to take you to that wonderful place where there is less pain.




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First I would like to thank you for taking your time to read my post, Im truly blessed that I'm able to use MM to help with my disabilites, I'm also glad that you have a ritual that works for you. Hopefully your way of using can be something the next reader can connect with and try out themselves.


I hope that by expressing the effects that marijuana has on myself after I ingest it that others can have a somewhat idea of what to expect.


I do know that marijuana effects each person differently, that is why I started this blog in hopes that each user has a chance to give their own experinces and what works for them and what they could possibly expect. Hope to read more about everyones experinces and ways of ingesting cannabis, and how it effects them after they use the magical herb known as Cannabis!

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my first experience ingesting rso was with a tinchure from a despencery.

i decided to try it after reading this mmma info.

i bought 3 bottles of tinchure in hopes of helping somebody else. i had severe knee pain muscle cramps and severe spasms i took about 6 drops and ate a brownnie. in less than 2 hours all knee pain was gone.

i mean completely gone, the swelling went down after 3 days and i was able to climb ladders without pain.

climbing ladders is a big part of me making money, so i was very happy.

i had an increase in energy had no psycoactive imparement and the sleep was the best ever. i stopped the drops only to have knee pain back swelling and old symptoms back in a day or two. im a cancer survivor and have had colin cancer my stool was great while taking the drops. my back pain was little to no pain my life was better.

today i make my own oil and take it everyday i feel great thanks so much for your info.

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