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Meanderings Of A Muddled Mind

Fat Freddy


Last night I was gaming and a thought crossed my mind.

An old friend had mentioned years ago when my father had passed away from cancer that a cure had been found.

He went on to tell me that the DEA and leo had arrested the man and took everything.. all of his research.


I ask a few questions and got sketchy information. Today I realize what he was referring to. Yes it was cannabis.

My thoughts follow a natural course to a question: When did the drug companies know that cannabis kills cancer cells and did they engage in a conspiracy with members of our government to conceal to truth? If this was found to be true, wouldn't it be the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated!


The questions need to be answered.

Who knew what, when did they know it? And What did they do?


As I recall the tobacco industry hid the fact that smoking caused cancer for years. Did someone realize that cancer would be big business for the medical field????


To many questions and not enough answers.....

Time for another bowl.


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