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New Day For Us Cannabis Patients



HAY everyone hope all is well in your world.In 1979 when the first cannabis laws were passed in Michigan we breathed a collective sigh of relief.But it was not long after that victory that the anti-cannnabis folk scared everyone with their propaganda.Fast forward to the 2008 election cannabis passes but there are still holdouts taking the law into their own hands to justify their actions.This has turned our community upside down,we have had are are having cannabis laws thwarted by our elected officials and some local law enforcement.Well a new day has arrived,with the new legislation in several states passing cannabis laws with varying measures we are now closser to having a country that reconizies the will and rights of the people and cannabis use.This country was brought into the world wide markets at its conception by the sale and manufacture of Tobbacco .Capatolism has brought a McDonalds to every concievable corner of the earth,its time to get seriuos about a generating revenue for our country,and I believe Cannabis like tobbacco will kik off a economic recovery that we despertly need.


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in 1981 as a goverment class project we wrote a proposal as a way for america to balance the budget by taxing joints.

today its way beyond joints as far a from a medical stand point but neverless it only took 30 yrs to even take on the idea. too bad america we might miss the boat

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