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Things Are Easier Now



Hey everyone this ongoing blog is a cruz through a part of my life, and I am sharring it with you online.I have become a grandfather since I started here on this site,When you younger guys and gals start having grandkids in your life you'll start to take stock of what you have done.I remember a quote "You gotta stand for something" Well here I am to make my stand,I won't give up the cannabis community.We need people like me. I do'nt bragg online about what I do for the cause I just do it.But I like to waite before I shoot off my mouth now and not be so judgemental of people or things.That can buy you trouble,its uneasy so try to avoid it.My grandkids should be able to find these posts ( I hope) and they will know their grandpa was out there and stood for something...


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Glad to have you around, I too hope that your Grandkids can see and read all the good you have to offer everyone.. It's good to have people like yourself here, don't be shy though when it comes time to post a topic, or share that info you have gained with the forums.


Again it was a pleasure to see your blog startup and hope I can read more about you in the future! And know that we all know you stand for something.. even in silence.

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HAY everyone hello.Been awhile since I came to the MMMA and blogged,hope everything in your world is doing fine and thank you for the kind comments.As with everything in life I am finding predijuce amoung my peers for my desicion to medicate with cannabis.I remember in the first part of 2008 when things were unsettled and everyone was unsure what the law was.Well its been 4 years now and I can attest things have gotten better.Its been arduious trying to comply with all the different regulations and laws from city to city and county to county,seems like we still have holdovers trying to interpet the law themselves.With the hearing on class 1 scehdule change for cannabis I truley feel headway is being made.This plant cannabis has lived for more years than we have as a specie on this planet and deserves the respect and a place in the worlds Pharmicopia.Lets hope that our judges will make the informed smart desicion on cannabis classification,so we all can breath a little easyer.Thank you to all in the cannabis community that work to free the minds of those cought by the "reefer Madness"...enjoy life ..Timireferseed

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