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Can cannabis cure cancer? Watch and see http://youtu.be/jVVRQK53wYs
I used hemp on a daily basis for more than 16 years dealing with chronic pain from a back injury while building in New Albany, Ohio. During the time of my recovery while using hemp I drove over a million miles in West Virginia doing insurance inspection work, fully conscious and completing thousands of inspections. I have not abused this herb for more than 30 years. Yes you can smoke it and get dumb but I just do not understand why people make a comparison to abuse when it is clear proper us is not only good for us it grows brain cells and protects the body in all of our organs. You see back in August of 2009 I was totally healed of my back injuries after Pastor Tom Pound prayed over me at Spring Hills Baptist Church. I kept quiet about what I know about cannabis because every time I said something people got all defensive and dope smoker attitude. They are going to tell me about addiction and how they got off the pot bla bla bla bla. This is a subject I have studied for years. I am redeemed of the Lord. I do not smoke tobacco anymore and that was an addiction. I have no desire to be stoned or drunk or whatever you call it because I am happy in my own skin and God has redeemed me from all that crap. If I drink a beer or a glass of wine fine everything in moderation. Now cannabis has no known toxic level and there are so many good facts about it you cannot imagine. All that said but if you do not believe in a God who created all this you may think that this herb is maybe bad. Trust in God and seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will follow.

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