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better side by side

in vivo

(Here's a better picture after sitting for about an hour.)


Each test tube has 10ml of fractionated coconut oil, 40mg of cannabis concentrate, and 80mg of magnolia extract.


The test tube on the right was placed in a crock pot with a water temp of 150f for an hour with insufficient bonding. The M-extract drops to the bottom. The cannabis concentrate looks like little oily bubbles floating around in the coconut oil.


The test tube on the left was placed in 200-225f water. Once the temp of the oil was sufficiently raised you could visibly see the bonding occur. This took about two minutes.


If you want you carrier oil to hold your concentrate evenly, you need to sufficiently raise the temperature so they bond.

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Does this mean, if bonded, there's no worry about the compounds being evenly distributed even after it solidifies?   One of our biggest concerns with using coconut oil is separation occurring as it solidifies and having to heat and mix it for each dose.  

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Yes. Once properly bonded the mixture should remain relatively consistent. Unlike regular coconut oil fractionated coconut oil remains in a liquid state at lower temps, but the same is true for both. We've also used hemp oil.


Also worthy of mention is that there are a number of ways to increase the oral bioavailability of cannabinoids. This can be achieved via some terpenes, polyethylene glycol, and propylene glycol to name a few. Increasing bioavailability means using less cannabinoids, so it might be worth exploring.

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in vivo,

Do you have personal experience that shows that terpenes when taken orally potentiate the Cannbinoids as well as via smoking or vaporizing the terpenes with the Cannabinoid?

I was always curious if they did or not. I know they do when the terpenes are smoked or vaporized with THC or maybe the other Cannabinoids.

If they do then do you have an opinion if oral or smoked/vaporized terpenes work best?

If you try it I am curious how you rate and compare the say oral pure THC with a given terpene vs Smoked or vaporized pure THC with the same terpene. I hope they are identical amounts? It is hard to compare the THC from smoking with the 11-hydroxy-THC from eating THC. First the effects are a bit different, that and 11-hydroxy-THC is stronger then pure THC.

I do not get the staggers if I over indulge smoking, no matter how much. I sure can by over indulging eating Cannabis. It is not the amounts as much as the oral vs smoked.


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