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This is the Lemon Skunk through DNA, NOT GHS.


I don't even know where to start with this one. I've had countless people accuse me of actually flavoring this medicine with extracts or actual lemons. Super lemony skunky aroma while being grown and afterwards. The cure really brings out the flavor in this one and I still have yet to find the perfect flowering time for it. The first time I did 9 weeks and it was awesome, around 30% amber and neon orange pistils. At 10 weeks its even more tastier but loses a little of its "mind soaring" and gets just a tad couch locky. Not so great on the production, but this is altered by supercropping,fimming, or whatever your technique is to make lots of branches. I did single cola lemons in flood tables and they produced horribly but was an amazing smoke still. Did the same in soil with topped plants and it tripled production per square foot. Crazy resin production for a mostly sativa, and great for anyone really. I believe the next time I run it I will try to go 11 weeks and see where that leaves me. Nice smooth sativa like high, not to overpowering though. I think high anxiety prone people could use this medicine and not experience the effects of other sativa doms.

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