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Getting A Card From The State


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B) You will probably not be allowed to be a Caregiver ever. Though becoming a patient who has the rights to grown for themselves shouldn't be a problem at all. As long as you having a signed reccomandation from the Doc and your diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions.


Heres a link to the laws - MI. mm Laws/Rules


heres a link to the forms you need to fill out with the Doc. - Required MM forms


Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions

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Exactly as Nigel said


You can be a patient, but not a caregiver.


My buddy has a few drug related felony charges (pot) and he is only a patient. (12 plants)

His wife has some misdemeanor drug charges (pot) and she is a patient (12 plants) and a caregiver for 2 people (24 plants)


they really only grow 2-3 plants in their closet for personal and for the love of growing... but they haven't had any problems.


read the law. its only 6 pages... not much reading.

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