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The Untold Costs Directly Caused By Failed Policy

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420 | Reflections




Lilian Arellano 4/21

State of the World Affairs - Cause and Effect



"We can not negotiate with those who say: What's mine is mine and What's yours is Negotiable ".- John F. Kennedy


In the U.S., the country where all rules have been "relaxed", the master of immorality and junk food, celebrated with great joy the day of cannabis! Although you may not have known yesterday was April 20th! The consumption of this product on Tuesday was thousands of kilograms of grass in both private parties and in the streets where they did demonstrations and festivals.




But on this date also known as 420 and which originated in 1971 thanks to our northern neighbors, we will be reminded on our soil will be of great mourning: for all that consumption is splattered with blood of Mexicans who have fallen into the absurd war against narco (USA Funded/Drug War/ ColumbianStyle ) puppet PresidentCalderon is not, moreover, merely disguise but a shameful reality.



It is been known for decades, but very cynical and shameless, that the fate of Mexico is not decided in Mexico but in major financial centers worldwide, which is where the real power resides. And the center of that center is in Wall Street if it Requests from the White House, if we will talk policy. Now, within this location are several routes and one of them, economically, unquestionably refers to drug trafficking.

The war against organized crime, the influenza crisis, the financial crisis that emerged on Wall Street and bounced in Europe to encompass the whole world then, it was decided where they decide the price of oil and food and also the drugs, and which also decide the wars because, of course, there are the owners of the weapons factories and dictate rules that may or may not be compatible with the laws of other nations, and end up imposing.





Mexico would have accepted the sad and shameful role of stabilizing the prices of the different drugs consumed in the world and, but this other great service that is already provided/CONTROLLED by the top Economic and Political Power Brokers, not only did we never received any benefits but the price we have paid for the economic balance, is a very high human cost as it represents about 23,000 people dead. A real drain on a country as poor as ours.


ps. This article continues on for several pages. Just thought it was worthy of a view. I will put more on my blog later. Figure a little more perspective might help paint some more of da Big Picture for ya... Cheers .sbn

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Everyone knows that the more a gov agency spends the more they receive in the next year's budget... same with law enforcement.


Until the laws are changed at the Federal, not just the State level, at least as it relates to MMJ / cannabis use, we're going to continue to see this stuff happening.


As long as MMJ / cannabis remains illegal the huge profits that can be made are going to lead people, Mexican or otherwise into 'dealing'.


And the more dealing of course... the more need for 'drug law' enforcement... and the cycle continues.


Rock the vote... smoke the vote... whatever you choose to call it... until we elect some pols and pass the laws that will change it, this situation is going to go on... business as usual.


There have to be some pols out there that are willing to help... WE just have to find them.

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Legality is only an oddity of fact.


Otherwise, it is a simple matter of basic personal preferences dictating market demand.


And then just a little thing called satisfying these needs.


Creates a service, hence a service based occupation, servicing mankind. Service only occurs after satisfactory ($$$) arrangements are made.

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