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[TUTORIAL] Building a cloner


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Submitted By: StewedscrewedSubmitted On: Today, 06:36 PMSubmitted In: Grow Room Tricks and Tips:Click here to go to tutorial


Shopping List:

• 1 Five gallon bucket and lid (any 2 gallon or more container with lid will work).

• 7 Two inch net pots (more if you need more clone sites).

• 7 Two inch neoprene inserts.

• 3-feet of 1/2" PVC pipe SCH-40.

• 1 Tee 1/2" PVC SCH-40.

• 4 Slip 90 Degree 1/2" PVC Elbow SCH-40.

• 2 Caps, slip 1/2" PVC SCH-40.

• 1 Male Adapter (threaded male end, slip female end) 1/2" PVC.

• 1 Roll of Teflon tape (pipe thread sealer).

• 1 Can of PVC pipe cement.

• 18 Ez Clone sprayers (microjet sprayer)

• 1 ViaAqua 1300 submersible pond pump

• List Of Tools

• Power drill

• Phillips screwdriver

• Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter

• Scissors

• 1-7/8" Forstner Bit or any 1-7/8" hole saw

• #22 Drill bit or any bit between .150" to .160" (#21 or 5/32")

• Tape measure or a ruler (a compass for making circles can help)

• Sharpie or felt pen (a sharp nail will work)

• Dremel hand grinder or razor knife

• A few shop towels

• One number 10 wood screw 3/4" long (any self tapping #10 screw will work)


Get your 3' of PVC pipe. Measure and mark out the following cuts:

• Two lengths of 5 3/4" (5.750)

• One length at 3 1/2" (3.500)

• Two lengths of 2 3/4" (2.750)

• Two lengths of 1 3/4" (1.750)

Now get your Sharpie/marking pen and mark out the locations for your misters. 17 holes about 1.5" apart (I said about). Just mark out 17 or so holes (between 10 and 18 will be fine) so they are evenly spaced:


Now get your number 22 drill bit (or a good substitute) and attach it to your drill motor. Drill out the marked spots but don't go all the way through the whole pipe (you don't need a hole on the bottom of the pipe, trust me):


We need to tap the hole with a matching thread to your mister heads. The EZ-Clone sprayer heads have about the same threads as a number 10 wood screw. It is one of the reasons we are using that brand. If you use a mister head from Lowes, Homedepot or any other hardware store, you may need to find another way to tap that hole correct.


Screw the number 10 wood screw into the drilled holes. Make sure you don’t poke through to the bottom of the pipe. A 3/4" screw is perfect, it wont go through the bottom and makes a nice thread.

Install the screw into each hole and then remove it. It will leave the hole with a slight thread:

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