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Mmj In Oakland Press Again Today!

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Thanks for sharing the article. It's good to see some compassionate people out there. It's sad to see how much hate there is directed at the owners and customers of the cafe, I was glad to see Bill actually get on there and respond. This will bring jobs to that area and help keep a business open, which will help the local economy. People who can only make accusations like that big ben guy and the others who were spouting off, have nothing better to do and is uneducated so all they can do is make insults. Truth hurts; it hurts to think maybe the person was wrong about something, so much misinformation and disinformation. There will always be people like that. :( To people like big ben, I say, it takes courage to admit being wrong, and it's scary. The information is out there. Knowledge is Power. The truth will bury the lies. Thanks again for sharing, it was interesting to see the comments. We still have a long way to go. People have the right to disagree, I wish they'd do it without insulting, accusing, judging and condemning, especially when they don't seem to know all the facts, yet they assume to know and understand, acting like they are so great. They feel really good about themselves when they put other people down, they have no humility or compassion. I wish people wouldn't respond to them. Oh well. We see there an example of what we're up against.



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