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Coming To A Town Near You

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Coming to a town near you.

It will get worse with MDCH, SOS , and MSP all in bed.

Why is this inportant? Because we just lost those fake "gaurds" that were in place to stop abuse.

Look it up. More abuse cases involving LEIN happens in squad cars than anywhere else.



BENZIE COUNTY -- Mobile Data Terminals have been used by local law enforcement agencies for decades, but they are new to the Benzie County Sherriff’s Office.


Thanks to a $100,000 stimulus grant, crews began installing the computer devices this week.


“I'm quite excited about getting this project going. When I mention to people that we're looking at putting these Mobile Data Terminals in the patrol cars, they are amazed at the fact that we don't have them already,” said Lieutenant Jeff Conquest, Benzie County Sheriff’s Office.


Officials said the computers will allow deputies to work more efficiently when they are out on patrol. Important information that was once stored at the Sheriff’s Office, will now be available to deputies when they are on the road.


“The deputies will have contact with the LEIN System (Law Enforcement Information Network System), which will give them immediate and complete information that would be available through a dispatch center. Now, they'll have on their screen, driver’s license information, wanted persons information, vehicle registration information and a variety of other options,” said Benzie County Undersheriff Bill Sholten.


The acquisition of the Mobile Data Terminals is a big step forward for the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office, and Sholten said it is just one of the improvements that the agency is working on.


“This is part of an effort that Sheriff Heckman and I have been undertaking to try to provide the best tools we can for the Benzie County Deputies…so they can be more effective and efficient out on the roads.”

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