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Leaf Curl


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When you see a leaf curling like that its something to pay attention to. This is usually how a problem can be identified before it turns into a huge problem; if it is indeed a problem.


Twisting or curling of leaves can be indicative of many things: PH/nutrient issues, insects, the start of a Mold/mildew problem. Quite often each strain reacts differently to different problems. Could you post a picture of your leaf, perhaps someone here could help identify whats going on...


I had a mold problem start this exact way, it was first experience with mold/powdery mildew, so i really didn't know what i was looking for. It spread a little, and it took 4 more days for me to realize what was going on.


So the moral is, keep an eye on it, and double check your environmental variables. Humidity level, temperature, air circulation, etc.


Good luck



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Like FB said almost have to see it. leaves curl up, down and sometimes will curl around each other. All mean something different.


I would not yank a plant for this until I found the reason or it leads to some other more serious problem. But again any advice is just a guess without seeing it.



& we love pics,

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