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Need To Sell Pc To Pay For Dr Rec

Guest Medicinal Patient

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Hey Evryone,

I want to start out by requesting that the mods/admins please please let me keep this up till Monday. I know its kinda off topic but it all leads back to me becoming a registered medical marijuana user.

I got a call back from the MMMCC Friday saying I was approved for an appt and the guy was gunna call me back to set up the appt for the GR location. I thought I had a caregiver lined up but it isn't an option to sign with them at this time.

I should have just stuck with the people who have been good to me and have offered to help. It was a deal breaker when the Drs office betrayed my trust.

I would have had my rec 2 days later if it wasn't for that.

So anyhow I am back at square one. I am having a hard time finding a caregiver to help me with the fees so I am hoping to sell my pc to get legal and start obtaining meds. I am hoping to have it sold soon so I can go to the Dr next week.

I figure I will eventually be able to buy another pc so I am ok with getting rid of it.

Below is a list of the items for sale...


Dell Dimension E520 Desktop Pc

250 GB Drive

Samsung Syncmaster 920NW 19in Flat Panel Monitor

1 pair Dell Speakers

1 Pair Compaq Speakers

CA Cyber Acoustics Speakers With Subwoofer -1 peg on the woofer box broke off but setting a speaker on top will do.

Motorola dsl Modem

Dell Keyboard

Dell Mouse (should be replaced tho)

HP Officejet 4110 all in one (75% black ink left)

HP PSC 1610 all in one (75% color - 5% black) no scratches on scanner bed-

3 way plug adapter thing to let you hook up 3 sets of speakers in the speaker jack.

Koss earphones in great condition

All power cords, ethernet, Dsl, usb etc to all items included.

I don't have software for the HP items

After I wipe the drive I will install xp home and if you want I will fill the music library with approx 1700 songs/500 albums if you like.

I can write up a list of all albums if you would be interested in having them added

Everything included will be ready to plug in and use - nothing is missing.

I will wait minimum 24hrs to offer refund. I will wait until my dr rec appt.

I am asking 200 bucks for everything so I can pay for my rec fee.

I will figure out how to go about getting a way to pay the app fee at a later time.

I think I would have a better chance getting help from a caregiver if it was just the app fee I needed help with.

Otherwise I expect to someday have some sort of income again.


If anyone is interested please let me know

Everything is available for pickup anytime 247 just outside of GR 7min se from 28th & Division

I can only accept cash


If I forgot to add any info about the pc that you are curious about ask away an I will get you that info asap.

I can also send a bunch of pics of all the items upon request.


If/when I sell this I won't be able to check emails obviously so if anyone in the Kentwood/Grand Rapids area is interested in being my

caregiver and able to donate an oz of meds per month please let me know soon so I can give you

my telephone number to communicate that way. I hear alot don't donate meds monthly but I seriously have zero income.

Willing to accept mexi if med grade is not an option free ea month. Would need meds delivered.


Thanks so much

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I wish i could help you " Medicinal Patient "


That is a really good deal and I'm sure someone

will take advantage of You and give you $200 cash ,

Cause that is a Really good Deal ...


As far as im concerned it's worth more ...


It's just too bad there was'nt a compassion club that

could loan you the money ... even if they had to take the computer

for security to get their money back ?


I really hate to see you have to do this , I wish you lived closer

cause i would be willing to loan you the money and give you a

chance to get back on your feet ....


I really hate to see you get rid of your Computer Budd ...


Is'nt there anything else you can do ?


I could probly figure a way to help you ...

Maybe you can E-mail me your phone number so i can talk to you

more about trying to find a different route ?


Maybe Someone out here can help You w/out having to sell

your computer ? Please

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Guest Medicinal Patient


Thank you so much for your compassion and always willing to help others. I still haven't sold the pc yet. I have had 2 deals from ppl on craigslist who never showed up and someone wanted to only buy the monitor, but I want it gone as a bundle pkg. I was also asked if I could hold till the 1st for 50bucks more. I will repost there again around the 1st. I am beginning to think this is just not meant to be, or atleast for now. I am at my bottom with everything and everyone. I am tired of being at someones mercy for a darn motrin even. The pain is really getting to me and its making me crazy and depressed. And I shouldn't have to get locked up to get my medicaid back on so I can treat my pain, anxiety, and depression. I would rather be dead. I can't use my pain clinic referral or physiotherapy without my insurance. And me and my Dr are at a standstill and she won't order tests until I can pay for my previous visits. I keep raising hell with my dhs worker who is worthless. I am tired of everyones lies too. I called the Medical Review Team in Lansing 3 weeks ago and was told my file was brought to the top of the pile and would be presented to the judge and I would have a decision in a week. Still no decision and yesterday she says it will be a week to a month longer before I get my decision. I got scripts that are probably expired by now because I can't pay for anything. If I get denied my Medicaid its gunna be all over. Well I better stop. I appreciate your concern and for now I am gunna put off trying to figure this out and bank on gettin my Medicaid reinstated. Then I hope to have my cash assistance reinstated too. Several more months waiting on the ssi decision. I don't have anything other than this to my name, except grocery money that I don't care about. If someone close to GR wants to work a deal I can get ya grub if ya know what I mean. I have missed 2 rec appts now. The first I told em to get bent just 2 days before my appt because the clinic shared a private email. Then I jumped the gun a few weeks ago when I thought I had something locked in and had to call the clinic and cancel when it didn't work out. Now the clinic has called a few times in the past week to reschedule. Too bad they don't take payments or grocery money for munchies. I don't even know whats going on with the GRCC. It seems they are very scattered. I will figure something out eventually. Thank you for your genuine kindness to me and everyone else in the community. I appreciate you. Thanks

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