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I Need A Caregiver


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well i am looking for a caregiver


i have severe arthritis and chronic pain in my knee


looking for someone local in the area...

Clinton TWP, Macomb, Shelby, Utica, etc etc


i have tried going to compassion club but didnt have my card so i couldnt get in to try to find a caregiver that way


i am in my 20's, full time student, part time worker so dont have a ton of money to pay like 400-500 an oz i see on craigslist


so please help me out if you are looking for another patient


if you are not yet started, i might be willing to wait and help you out IF we come to an agreement so feel free to contact me


thank you for your time everyone and good day!! :D

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Hello ' Cereal '


Very Sorry to hear that about the Compassion Meeting

that turn you away .... I know what that feels like ...


I give You my word that if You ever came to our

Compassion Meeting we would not turn you away ...


Even if it was a Private Meeting ...

We would do our Best to Help You ...


Please Try finding another Meetings ...

There has to be some OPEN Meetings in your Area ...




You sound like your Sincere and there are people out

there that will Help You ...

Sorry to say : it takes time.... I was not totally impressed

w/ my First meeting either , But i did not Give up ...


Even after having my Life Threatened....


I am So looking foward to our first meeting

I want everyone that enters our Compassion Meeting to feel Welcome


Just use Common Sense and Keep trying... It'll be worth it in the End ...

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Yeah I am going to try another compassion club. And recommendations in SE ?


And azn. Change your info so people can contact you through email. Few people contacted me and could pass on some info with you and compare notes in finding best caregivers for us

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Hi Cereal i'm heavenlyhemp maybe we can help each other i am a caregiver who live in macomb looking for another patient other than my wife too grow 4. Check out my web sight at www.heavenlyhemptherapy.com i have some strains u might like and i don't charge much at all only bcuz my wife plants r 3week away from flowering cycle and she don't mind sharing her harvest until yours is ready

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thanks for all the replies guys


was contacted by many people, a few people trying to get started, and another few guys that are just trying to get rich off of needy people


nothing crazier than people expecting 250$ a week just to be their patient and limited to 2.5 oz a month tops, not like i would need more than that but for 1000$ a month id expect to smoke a pound


but thanks to the community and i cant wait to go to a few compassion clubs and meet a few new friends

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