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Medibles Cook Interested In.....

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Hey There....I'm an experienced Medibles Cook - I bake/cook with butter, oil and milk based treats and food. I have many years of experience. I would love to be able to give a demo/class at the compassion clubs here in Michigan (I live in the SE corner of Michigan but would consider traveling just about anywhere in Michigan to do this.). I envision offering a class to a compassion group as well as my already made treats (to help cover my expenses in traveling to your area). I make everything from the basic cookies & brownies to more advance treats like caramels and turtles. One of my favorite meals is a creamy garlic alfredo with either veggies or chicken over noodles. Yummy! So if any clubs out there are interested - - send me a message so that we can get a date/time. I am a patient/caretaker myself.


Have a grateful night everyone!

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