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Northeast Michigan Medical Marijuana Compassion Club

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We miss you to, we found out we are having a little girl.... Blaire Elise Kenewell!! We will be in Midland May 20th, maybe we can leave early and come up your way for a visit, we will give you a call.




I would Really like that...

Please let me know ahead of time ...

I would love to make you guys dinner ...


You have my E-mail ... Keep me Update

Sure wish you could be here May 18th

Atlanta Compassion club is having their first meeting ...

Would Love Doc to Speek at our first meeting...


Take Care Girl ... See Yah Soon


Huggs : Tarzan

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Hi Tarzan,

I wish I could attend the meeting tonite,probably the next one,unless John wants to drive,lol.


I thought John was Going ?


I could be wrong ? Maybe it was the Atlanta Compassion Meeting

he was referring to May 18th, 2010 .


I 'll be seeing you either way on May 25th for the Mio Meeting

God willingly if the Creek don't Rise ... LoL


Have a Great Day Cindy ... Hope Everything is Better

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