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1St Grow Flashback


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I do not recommend you try this...A few months back, talking with some friends about our very first grows, I decided I would semi recreate my first hydro grow.I didn't know a thing.Flashback to 81.The setup included a bedroom closet,a mortar tub,30 or so seeds,12 pots with aquarium rocks, a street light(yes street light lol), and a box fan.There was no internet, so basically you were on your own,or knew someone with a little knowledge.Well that grow was a flop,3 plants made it thru budding..About an oz total..Its now 2010 and things have changed for the better IMHO..The passing of MMJ laws,info is easy to get,grow room equipment and supplies are better and easier to come by, and I have gathered some knowledge since then..So I set up a 4x4 tent,a mortar tub,12 rockwool blocks,3 rockwool slabs,600 watt switchable ballast, 6in aircooled reflector,20 gallon res/pump and tubing,nutrients,6in can fan,carbon filter and 12 of the sorriest looking clones I could find.Not exactly my first setup but I did use a mortar tub..I added another 600 watts of hps in week 6..I still have a few weeks till finish but I will update final pics when that time comes..Thanks for coming by.. HNI_0002.jpg Setup Day1DutchTreat10.jpgDay 1 Week3-2.jpgDay 21 oooooooooooooooooo004.jpgDay 63 oooooooooooooooooo003.jpgoooooooooooooooooo001.jpgoooooooooooooooooo018.jpg

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